What kind of experience did you have?

  1. I was just curious to know what experience you had before going to NICU. Right now I have been an nurse just over a year and a half now. My first year I spent in a general med-surg/tele unit. In Jan I started working ICU. It is pretty much a combination of MICU/SICU with a float once or twice a month down to trauma ICU. My ultimate goal is to get to either Labor & Deliver or NICU. I really enjoyed both of those in nursing school. It is actually the reason I went to nursing school. I have always heard it is like gold to get one of the open spots in one of those areas so I was wondering what kind of background everyone had before they started applying.
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  3. by   Bortaz, RN
    I was a new grad with no nursing experience.

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  4. by   Nurse Connie
    I am also a new grad, starting in the NICU in 2 weeks. The only other experience I had was camp nursing this summer. Never in a million years did I think I would get into the NICU so quickly.
  5. by   MrsNicuNurse
    I too am shocked that I somehow got a job in the NICU.... Right out of nursing school I started on an adult med-surg floor that had a tiny 8 bed pediatric unit within (so some experience with babies, but not much). I worked there for 6 months before moving out of state for my husbands job. Then I accepted a job on a Ventilator care unit in a rehab hospital (because there were ZERO hospitals hiring at the time), I workerd on it for 7 months and HATED it! All we did on that unit was dig stim, wound vac, colostomies, tube feedings, trach cares....yeah, i hated it. So a NICU position became available at a great hospital in town. I focused on writing a killer cover letter that highlighted my exposure to infants in my first jpb and ventilator experience at my second job. I also made my passion for working with infants and to learn everything there is to know about NICU evident. Somehow among 300 applicants I got the job. I wouldnt recommend all the job hopping I did to get there, most facilities see this as a big negative. I guess my sincererity shone through, but yeah its a miracle I got the job.
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  6. by   Luckyyou
    6 months on a very understaffed med/Onc floor as an RN, but 2 and a half years in the normal newborn nursery/L&D/postpartum as a PCT/secretary, and a nurse externship in a level 3 NICU. They liked that experience more.
  7. by   TiffyRN
    5 years on a Stepdown/telemetry unit, then 4 years in a variety of cardiac telemetry that included some travel nursing. I only touched babies in nursing school and no sick or premature.

    When I hired into NICU, it was easy to get into the field in my area because there are so many level III NICUs around. My only difficulty was that when I put in applications for the NICU in a hospital, I would immediately get calls from that hospital's cardiac units hoping I had messed and and really meant to apply to their unit.

    Thankfully I was given a full 3 month orientation like a new graduate and was able to attend the internship classes they held for new grads that provided so much good information.

    I was kind of a job hopper before NICU, moving between several local hospitals every 1-3 years. As of next month I will have been in this same position for 10 years and I think that's kind of a trend for nurses who find NICU. It's a special place. Don't get me wrong, our unit has problems, but deep down, I know I've found a good thing.
  8. by   dseem13
    I worked mother baby for 3 years before I was hired in the NICU. The NICU wasn't even on my radar until I floated there frequently when they were short staffed and found out I loved it!
  9. by   labordude
    I went into the NICU as a new grad. It did require that I relocated to another city, but it was what I wanted.
  10. by   krenee
    I did mother-baby first. It's a good place to start. The NICU I started in wouldn't hire new grads, they always hired for nursery first so you could learn the normal before the abnormal.
  11. by   HopefulRN2010
    I start in the NICU next week. Straight out of nursing school I worked on an adult step-down unit. And for the last year I have been working in a Level 1 Trauma PICU.
  12. by   twinmomstl
    Our nicu usually only hires new grads. I was on postpartum 6 weeks before I tansferred to nicu. Other nurses with experience its only like a year or two.
  13. by   babyRN0404
    I used to work on a high risk L&D unit.... they LOVED hiring nurses with ICU experience.