Visitation during handoff

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    How does everyone's unit handle parent visitation during handoff and change of shift? Are the units closed? If not, how do you handle the HIPPA issues especially in non single patient rooms

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    Since we are an open unit, all family must be out by 0630 or 1830, and can return at 0800/2000.
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    I think that 1 1/2 shift change break is appropriate, barring unusual circumstances. Some places cut it to 6:30 to 7:30.
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    The last NICU I worked at was all private rooms. Parents were allowed 24/7, but other family had to leave for report.

    The NICU I worked at before, all visitors, including parents, had to leave between 6:30 and 7:30 for report (not private rooms).
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    Closed 6:30-7:30!
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    Open. Our legal department deems it "incidental overhearing". Alrighty. Parents and visitors can be at the bedside, but we do have a letter we give them upon admission to please try to not interrupt us so that we don't forget anything important. If there is sensitive info or something the family doesn't know we tell the other nurse away from the bedside. We used to have an hour between shifts but too many families complained so we had to open. Bad ju-ju on the surveys
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    Closed 6-8. No hippos.
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    We close 7-8 as well as 11-12 for shift changes (we have a few who works 8 hour shifts). We also close 3-5 on dayshift for sterile line changes
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    24/7. In my previous NICU, we just went to an empty bedside area to give report (not all parents are all there 24/7). In my NICU where we have all private rooms, it's pretty easy to find an empty bedside or give report outside and just close the doors.

    I don't really see what the big deal is and if I had a kid in the NICU, I wouldn't want to leave. If I have a parent who is demanding my attention, I just let them know that I need to complete mandatory safety checks first before I do anything. I imagine it would be especially hard if your parent is kangaroo'ing a vented baby that you need to put back or is coming in the for the first time all day.
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    In our NICU we ask parents to leave from

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