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Hello. I recently applied for a new grad position at NYP and I got an email saying my app is currently "being considered" for the new grad opportunity and they will "contact me within the next 2 weeks regarding next step/status... Read More

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    I think from here you will probably hear directly from managers about interviews. I have one scheduled for next week. I hope this helps--I have no idea of the timeline of hiring. One of my friends was told that they have orientations monthly for new employees, so maybe you can be hired at any time?

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    Hey! Did the manager just email or call you today? Just trying to grasp an idea of how fast they're going through the applications. Congrats and good luck!
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    I hate the "waiting game." I felt like I got some great responses from two seperate people taking questions and a nurse recruiter but have not heard anything yet. Maybe once they are done hosting events at the other campuses they will reach out to people?
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    Has anyone who attended heard from NYP?
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    Have not heard anything yet.........

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    Me neither! And I emailed two of the managers I met with and neither answered
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    i got an email that said i wont be considered for the position and to try back in 2 years or something to that effect.....sigh
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    Oh bummer. I think the market is a bit rough now but if you were able to make it this far, I'm sure you will find a great position elsewhere. I haven't received a response yet but it's good to know they are starting to contact everyone.
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    I still haven't heard anything yet but good to know they will tell us either way.......thank you for sharing!
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    So I called the other day and the woman was super nice and was like "you're still being considered for positions but it could be a while till positions are available so if you get another offer, I would recommend taking it, don't wait on us because it may be months" so there's that haha I guess it's better to know that info though

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