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I recently applied for a new grad position at NYP and I got an email saying my app is currently "being considered" for the new grad opportunity and they will "contact me within the next 2 weeks regarding next step/status etc".

Does that mean I have a chance to land an interview, or is it what everyone gets after they apply?

It was not a computer generated email.....but an email from an actual person......

Any feedbacks will be greatly appreciated! Thank you :)

i attended a meet and greet in early dec. 2013 and I am still waiting..they said there is a possible new grad program starting novemberish that they are keeping my resume on file for. it is definitely a waiting game!

Thanks! Gosh that is a really long waiting game!

Yeah the wait will kill you. Just keep applying everywhere. Nothing is a guarantee until you have signed some sort of paperwork

I would like to know more about the interview questions @Teddygraham but unfortunately I can't pm you it's saying it's full

Peds or post partum

Hi! just wondering if you took the float position at NYP and what you thought of the program? I received a phone call today about interviewing for a position in this year's cohort and would love to hear some opinions!

I received a call today also giving me some details about the program but they've yet to select a date for the start of the program

Oh wow congrats guys!! What kind of cohort is it?

Hey I'm about to go into orientation at New York Presbyterian I already took the pharmacy exam and passed! I was wondering if anyone had more information on the actual orientation and the physical examination. I know this is an old post but please any info is helpful!!!!

What campus did you apply to

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