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RN4008's Latest Activity

  1. RN4008

    Mount Sinai housing?

    Hi everyone! Wondering if anyone knows if Mount Sinai Hospital has subsidized housing for employees? If not, does anyone have any suggestions for a good neighborhood in Manhattan for a young nurse to move to? Thanks in advance!
  2. RN4008

    mount sinai NYC parking

    did you ever find out the answer to this?
  3. In my interview I was asked about a time I caught something everyone else missed, a time I made a mistake, my most complex patient in clinicals and time I went above and beyond for a pt
  4. hi @topRN5, congratulations on your interview! how did it go? i am hoping to work at NYP and would love to know what kinds of questions they asked
  5. RN4008

    NYP New grad position

    I told her Neuro, OR then the float program. But then after she asked that question about who I would want to employ me, it kind of made me second guess it. I would probably put the med surg first if we were employed normally through NYP. But idk who I would call back to change it so oh well.
  6. RN4008

    NYP New grad position

    Someone called me from NYP today and asked my preferences between Neuro, OR, and the new graduate float program, but then she asked if i did the new graduate program if i would want to do it through ANM or NYP? She said ANM was the company they used? But i thought they were using nursefinders...does anyone know anything about this?
  7. RN4008

    NYP New grad position

    let us know what you hear @teddygraham!
  8. RN4008

    NSLIJ Critical Care Fellowship October 2013

    I called today to ask about when we might start hearing back, considering the fellowships were listed to start in October, and the response was "we dont give updates. you have to wait to be contacted" so who knows haha
  9. RN4008

    NYP New grad position

    "Because we are so impressed by all of you, we may be creating a program for 20 new graduates around October or November of this year. This med/surg float program will include a 6 week orientation period where new graduates will train across med/surg units at our Cornell location. At the end of the training period, these new graduates will be floated full time across these units. If this is something you are interested in, please let me know via email and we will keep in touch with updates in the future."
  10. RN4008

    NYP New grad position

    @shadowness was calling helpful at all?
  11. RN4008

    NYP New grad position

    I also received a call and email about this program!! I would assume they would be interviewing soon if it is supposed to start in October. Has anyone heard any details?
  12. RN4008

    New York Presbyterian New Grad Nurse Program

    congratulations @newgrad01! Just wondering, how long after you applied did you receive a call about a position? and did they want you to start working immediately after you were hired?
  13. RN4008

    NYP Interview "Day"?

    @sac06019 hey just wondering if you could give me any details about how the event went for you?? i know it has been awhile but i would really appreciate it as I have been invited to an interview day as well
  14. RN4008

    NYP New grad position

    just got invited to the event at the new lower manhattan campus! anyone heard anything about this location?
  15. RN4008

    NYP New grad position

    would it make any sense to apply again to the new posting? i went through to the battery test but was not invited to the interview day..
  16. RN4008

    UCLA New Grad RN 2013

    Yeah...i think so. it says jobs that do not display "withdraw application" are no longer open. so i think if you haven't heard by now, you probably aren't being considered. :/

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