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  1. RN4008

    UCLA New Grad RN 2013

    it seems like everyone applied to L&D and peds! those were my top 2 choices too.
  2. RN4008

    New grad interview at Mount Sinai on Wednesday

    I applied a while back to and haven't heard anything. Are they even hiring new grads?
  3. RN4008

    NYP New grad position

    @kiki1984 thank you so much for the advice! I actually did call talent acquisition once but just got voicemail. did you talk to someone in the talent acquisition office or just human resources in general?
  4. RN4008

    NYP New grad position

    thats so frustrating since they said i would hear back from them in 5 business days and never did. oh well.
  5. RN4008

    NYP New grad position

    i took my battery at least 2 weeks ago and haven't heard anything back, no phone interview or anything. Do you guys think this means I am out of luck?
  6. I'm also interested in this topic! I have always wanted to practice nursing in ireland but it seems impossible, especially considering I want to be a L & D nurse and Ireland won't accept my regular nursing degree for those jobs... guess i'll have...
  7. RN4008

    Hackensack UMC New Grad position

    I applied too about a month ago and haven't heard anything at all. Kind of frustrating
  8. RN4008

    NYP self assessment

    Well congratulations on getting that far haha! What kind of questions did they ask you in the phone interview?
  9. RN4008

    LIJ Lenox Hill Labor & Delivery Fellowship

    does anyone have any information about this fellowship? im really interested in it but haven't seen a lot of info about it.
  10. RN4008

    New York Presbyterian

    nope still havent heard anything
  11. im interested in this too! I read that the application is only up for 3 days, does anyone know when ? Thanks!
  12. Hello everyone! I am a senior nursing student about to graduate in August. I have been really loving nursing school so far and am excited to become a registered nurse! Lately, my non-nursing major friends have been talking on and on about the excitin...
  13. RN4008

    NYC Hospital Nursing Externships/Programs

    So im applying to externships, and am really interested in NYU but I unfortunately got C+s in anatomy and physiology 1 and 2...should I even bother applying? I go to a pretty good nursing school and have a 3.5 gpa otherwise, but does it matter? thank...
  14. RN4008

    Do YOU enjoy nursing school?

    I am currently in nursing school and while it definitely has its challenging days, i definitely find it to be enjoyable. I also do not agree with others who say you cannot have a social life, because I have had no problem with that. I am a traditiona...
  15. I have heard a lot of things about L & D being extremely stressful and hectic, and I was wondering if a CNM usually deals with the same hecticness, since CNMs usually work with low risk patients. Is this true? Thank youu :)