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AGACNP-BC/Emergency/Trauma/Critical Care Nursing

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nurseinnyc&nj has 10 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN, APRN, NP and specializes in AGACNP-BC/Emergency/Trauma/Critical Care Nursing.

Board certified Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

Board certified and strong background in Emergency, Trauma and Critical Care Registered Nurse. 

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  1. Tips for AACN CCRN review ?

    I used 3 resources and passed the exam on the first try! 1. Laura Gasparis's CCRN review DVDs (I wanted to watch every DVD it came with, but I was running out of time, so I only watched cardiac, neuro and pulm) 2. PASS CCRN question bank (I only bou...
  2. NYU hiring process

    They sent me an email saying that I need to do background check and complete pre-hire documentations (5 references, former employment and school info etc). I think I also took medication math test. After all these requirements are fulfilled, they wil...
  3. TCRN

    I highly recommend Jeff Solheim's Online TCRN review! Organized by each system and covers every exam content. I did buy STN's studyguide book but didn't uze it. I used Solheim's lectures and TNCC book and it was successful! Good luck!!!!
  4. TCRN

    Thank you @Pixie.RN I studied Jeff Solheim's TCRN review and TNCC book and passed the exam today!
  5. TCRN

    For those who took TCRN and passed, CONGRATS!!!!! Did you guys find the exam harder than CEN?? Will Jeff Solheim's prep course prepare me for the exam? I will appreciate your advice. Thank you!!!!!!
  6. Working for NYU Lagone

    Definitely a wonderful hospital to work at! I have worked at few other hospitals but NYU is by far the best among them so far. I am happy working here. If I could do it over again, I would choose here without a doubt. I am not sure about the housing ...
  7. NYU hiring process

    @NYnurse17 I just PMed you.
  8. NYU hiring process

    They email you a link where you have to enter some personal/private information (any crimes,court history, other names, last 10 years addresses etc) then the 3rd party organization runs the background check on you. I remember I got back the result in...
  9. NYU hiring process

    I just had an interview last Friday and received official position offer email this morning......took a week to hear from them. Good luck!
  10. Not Hiring New Grads in ER's

    I started as a fresh new grad in a very busy inner city level 2 trauma center ER in NJ (over 90,000 ER visits yearly) 2 years ago......BEST DECISION EVER!!!! IT IS POSSIBLE!!! I was so lucky to land my first nursing job as an ER nurse and would never...
  11. new grad RN jobs nj

    If you have 2 year experience as a tech, you definitely have a higher chance to land a job!! Did you apply to your own hospital? I know quite handful of techs who got hired in their own unit right after they passed NCLEX, but most or all of them were...
  12. New Grad

    I started in a busy level 2 inner city ER as a new grad in july, 2013 without any experience and survived my first year and still enjoying and learning every minute of it! It is possible. I would straight go into emergency nursing.
  13. New grad RN in NJ ....please help!

    It took me about 3 months after passing nclex to get my dream job in level 2 trauma center ER as a new grad in north jersey!! Im into my 12th week of new grad orientation and absolutely loving every minute of it. What i did differently is i got my AC...
  14. NYP New grad position

  15. New grad RN in NJ ....please help!