Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls? - page 8

Hello Everyone! After much consideration I have decided to apply for CSN ADN and then I will do the RN-BSN program at NSC. It is more cost effective for me that way. I am in the summer Biol-189... Read More

  1. by   NavyGirl8701
    Does anyone know the rules for switching tracks? I mean they allow part time ppl to switch to full time after the 1st semester. But are we allowed to ask to switch from full time to part time after a certain time ??
  2. by   ren96744
    Hi Everyone - FYI, I just met with the HPA this morning. For the Spring 2018 ADN program the lowest points without a TEAS/KATS memo was 27 points.
  3. by   Snemati34
    What class is 189 science . Biology ?
  4. by   UrRicanGal
    I've heard different answers on this. A few semesters back, students stated if there was a PT position available, you could move into it. When I asked Carol, the answer was no. I'll text my 3rd year friend and see what he says.
  5. by   CourtneyVenable
    They reopened the part time program for fall 2018! Woot woot