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  1. StaRN Las Vegas

    I am from here and went to school out here. I know a friend of mine got called yesterday she always accepted to the southern hills ICU....
  2. StaRN Las Vegas

    I think there was separate applications for each hospital, but with the video interview asking us to order the hospital in our preference ?‍♀️ The day after I ay jotted I was denied by mtn view (I said they were my 2nd)
  3. StaRN Las Vegas

    I just received a call from sunrise yesterday, I was accepted. And offered a spot in the star RN program. I did my video interview last week.
  4. Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

    Oh dean;0)
  5. Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

    I had 36 points and I was at the very bottom line of the acceptance for PART TIME. I think the lowest full time points was 28/29. First semesterbis teh same for everyone. I have lab and lecture Tuesday from 8am- 3 pm and my clinicalnon Thursday from...
  6. Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

    CSN did take all my pre weds and ALL of my science courses were online from other schools. It was a frustrating process getting them transferred in but they did take them. and I'm in 1st semester of the program now so they WILL. Take them you just hv...
  7. Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

    Yay twinsmama! Are you in the FB group? We started a thread for the part timers.. so far there's 4 of us
  8. Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

    Dean pm me ! Now that we're both in who are you ! Lol in the Facebook group I mean
  9. Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

    Are you in the Facebook group?
  10. Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

    Yay ! Congrats dean
  11. Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

    Call are going out! I'M IN PART TIME!!!!! had 36 points
  12. Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

    Anyone have an update?! I'm thinking it has to be this coming week!?! Anyone
  13. Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

    She didn't, but I didn't ask, maybe someone else could find that out for us I only k ow that the day before the deadline there were 16 apps fornpart time and they take 15 to start the program
  14. Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

    So I emailed ---------------- on Friday and asked if they were really going to have the results this week or if we were still a few weeks away she said that they're still processing applications have not made any decisions yet and it's looking closer...
  15. CSN: 2 semesters done, 2 to go. A review so far...

    Hey viper! Haven't seen any of your later posts. Any updates ?? I'm sure your either some or very close to it now