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  1. Snemati34

    San Diego City College ADN Nursing Fall 2019

    You have to wait till next year. And , you can only take it twice in one year. I’m applying for this year.
  2. Snemati34

    CSN TEAS( Las Vegas )

    Check your DM please 🙂
  3. Snemati34

    CSN TEAS( Las Vegas )

    Thank you so much. I’m applying for schools in Cali also and I need to make 63% on each four sections . I’m nervous about the bio and grammar mostly. Thanks again for all your help and advice.
  4. Snemati34

    CSN TEAS( Las Vegas )

    Thank you. Do you remember if the biology portion had basic bio or just A&P. People are telling me that it has a lot of BIO 189. Is it true ? Also , what did you use to study for the teas ? Thank you so much.
  5. Snemati34

    San Diego City College ADN Nursing Fall 2019

    I would also like to know . How many points you have so far ?
  6. Snemati34

    CSN TEAS( Las Vegas )

    Hi , I’m getting ready to take my teas at CSN and I’m nervous. Anyone took this before at the CSN campus? Any tips is appreciated 🙂
  7. Snemati34

    San Diego City College ADN Nursing Fall 2019

    How many times a year can you apply for this program ?
  8. Snemati34

    San Diego/ LA Nursing School

    Hi, I took all my BIO classes with labs online. You guys know any schools that would accept them ? Thanks !!
  9. Snemati34

    Roseman University Nursing School

    My best friend graduated and passed the NCLEX right after. She's currenty working at the ED department.
  10. Snemati34

    Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

    What class is 189 science . Biology ?
  11. Snemati34

    Chamberlain college of nursing tuition

    why did you have to pay out of picket ? Loans wouldn't cover ? I'm only qualified for private loans since I used all grants and federal loans for my previous Bachelor .
  12. Snemati34

    Chamberlain Nursing HESI A2

    How was the test ? You took it ?
  13. Snemati34

    does a bad check ruin my chances?

    I got into the nursing program with something similar but it was deferred entry instead of misdemeanor. I spoke to Nevada BON and they said as long as I'm honest then I will be fine. It happened 16 years ago for me in California.
  14. Snemati34

    nightingale college hybrid program

    I'm also trying to figure this out.
  15. Snemati34

    Nightingale College?

    Are you attending this school ?