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  1. Dean Uguan


    In my interactions with the Nevada State Board of Nursing, I found them responsive and cooperative. You might consider sending them an email, since no one here has responded yet.
  2. Dean Uguan

    StaRN Program

    Are you asking about the 3 Las Vegas HCA hospitals?
  3. Dean Uguan

    RN MGR Told me I'm too old.

    Great pointers! I might add: 7. Be technologically savvy.
  4. Dean Uguan

    St. Rose Siena or UMC

    Are you already a Las Vegas resident and are familiar with the basics about these two hospitals? When I finish nursing school, I'd feel real fortunate to work at either. However, I suspect UMC would provide me with a richer learning experience.
  5. Dean Uguan

    Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

    I'm full time and managed to prepare a best case scenario that has a 3 day/week schedule. When I'm actually able to register it may change.
  6. Dean Uguan

    "Green House" model

    They are trying that model at the Milwaukee VA.Green House Community Living Center opens soon; revolutionizes long-term care - Milwaukee VA Medical Center
  7. Dean Uguan

    Moving to Henderson, NV

    The North Las Vegas VA would be a hard commute from Henderson, but they are almost always looking for RNs because of high turnover.
  8. Dean Uguan

    Clark County Nurse Case Manager

    It looks like the vacancy hasn't yet been posted. However, "Coroner Investigator" looks interesting. Clark County participates in Nevada PERS, like UMC or CCSD.
  9. The economics behind this is fascinating. In the last few months, there has been a host of NICU nursing vacancies posted in Las Vegas. I imagine one Las Vegas hospital poaches NICU nurses from another hospital, then that hospital has NICU vacancies and there is cycle of poaching introduced. There is a strong connection between Las Vegas and Utah, so Utah NICU nurses might be tempted by the higher paying jobs in Las Vegas and then Utah hospitals have vacancies. I imagine the whole topic would provide an interesting research opportunity for nursing PhD students.
  10. Dean Uguan

    Easy to find jobs for new grads

    I'm a nursing student, so I don't have first hand information. But, I've read that Fresno and Bakersfield are welcoming to new grads with ADNs.
  11. Dean Uguan

    New Grad Moving Las Vegas

    Congratulations! That went fast! Luckily for me, when I moved back in 2015, the housing prices were still low and I could buy a home for cash. While I'm very pleased that my home has more than doubled in value, I'm kinda stuck here because I can't afford to buy anything better.
  12. Dean Uguan

    sugar alcohols?

    I believe the sweetener, xylitol, is an alcohol. Honestly, though, I'd have to google it.
  13. Dean Uguan

    Best hospital in Las Vegas

    From what I've heard, networking (not a fan of that word) can help the new grad applicant receive an interview. I know a Roseman new grad that was hired into the ED.
  14. Dean Uguan

    Per Diem/PRN pay national comparison

    On occasion I've seen that in Facebook posts, for non-nursing vacancies, from your facility. It's good to know that's an option for the nursing staff.
  15. Dean Uguan

    LVN moving from LA to LV

    If you're considering work at a medical office, Spanish language skills would definitely be plus.