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  1. I am a recent graduated (December 2013) from one of the top nursing schools in Louisiana. My time at nursing school was rough, I overcame many personal and professional struggles. I was no means a top or bottom student but I made it through. I landed the job that I wanted and just a week before starting I took state boards and after 262 questions I found out that I failed. I have never felt so embarrassed! I am the only one who appears to have failed NCLEX but who advertises that information. I have come to the conclusion that I had barely missed passing but now what? Thankfully when I contacted my employer they told me I had options. Basically I was offered a Tech job until I pass NCLEX. I am thankful to still have a job but now I am struggling with how embarrassing it will be because other graduates from my class were hired on my unit, they will know I failed. any advice from those how have experienced what I have?
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  3. by   anon456
    I have known many excellent nurses who failed the first, some the second, time around. They are great nurses who just don't take tests very well. Most I know did invest in a prep course. There are a few that offer a guarantee pass or your money back. Nursing is not about passing the NCLEX- it's about what you learn in the first year after you are a nurse. So just keep trying and come up with a good plan.
  4. by   PacoUSA
    My preceptor failed her NCLEX when she started nursing. She eventually became Nurse of the Year on our unit. Our educator failed it twice and is now a very knowledgeable and competent nurse. Don't let this blip in your career get to you. So what if you failed? You get to keep your job and you too will achieve greatness as these two did. Anyone who truly makes you feel bad about this is really not someone you need in your life, just sayin' ...
  5. by   Katie71275
    Metariemom...I am also from Louisiana..I graduated in May. While I did pass Nclex, there were 4 from my class who did not As I'm sure your instructors told you, the test changed last year (April?) and is MUCH harder. Did you take a HURST review? Did ya'll use ATI or anything like that in school? I took Hurst and while it is pricey(350$ I think), it is so worth it and some hospitals also offer reimbursement for your review!!! I did the in person class. With the review, you also get 6 Q-reviews which are like mini nclex test..VERY helpful. HURST in person class, plus the Q reviews, and doing ATI online(the quizzes and test) is all I used to study. Good luck on your next attempt!
  6. by   Esme12
    Welcome to AN! You can do this!

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  7. by   Tesfanurse
    I also failed NCLEX with near passing standard. I did not experience what you are going through working with your former classmates.
    But I understand how you feel. I am friends with many of my former classmates on facebook and I saw most of them have passed.
    They have started working while I failed. When they asked me about whether or not I passed, I had to be honest and say NO.
    I had to learn not to compare myself with others. It was tough but it is over.
    Last week I went back to the testing center and I passed.
  8. by   LadyFree28
    The BEST thing is: your employer is supportive of you and you will have a job when you pass.

    Pleas don't be embarrassed or compare yourself to others; review what you need more strength and study and pass; I'm sure your unit (and your former classmates) will root for you.