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  1. Trouble getting a job: Mercy Medical Center

    I am also a first job hunter. I am looking at hospital websites and they usually list the contact of the recruiters. If they do not call the human resources and they will usually give you the recruiter's contact.
  2. new rn without working experience

    I am in the same boat, however I have a few experiences. Can you look into volunteering opportunity to gain experience. Once you get that keep contacting recruiters until you find those who are willing to give you a chance.
  3. First nursing job

    I am looking for my first nursing job. For fellow nurses who recently got hired as new grads my question is.. What is it like to be hired with a regular position with an orientation? Also what is it like to be hired in the residency program?
  4. Graduate nurse (GN) salary in NM

    Congratulations!!! I do not know if it is fair or not.
  5. NCLEX Advice

    I got Kaplan live classroom discounted through my school. I really loved it because they teach you strategies on how to answer NCLEX questions. Then they give you a e-book to study content and they have content videos that has expert nurses going o...
  6. Still considered new grad?????

    Thanks everyone. I have been asking around. I also do not mind being hired with a good orientation program. My BSN program gave me 180 hours of preceptorship.
  7. It depends on your ability. Since they are all sciences, it may be very hard if you have a busy life. while I was a student I took A&P 2 and chemistry 2. I added nutrition. I was able to handle it because I was not working. It all ...
  8. Future Prospects in Psychiatry

    Psychiatry is an excellent field. You have a wide range of options. You can work in child psychiatry as well as adult, pediatric, or geriatric. You can also work in various settings such us hospitals and the community. In psychiatric hospitals, ...
  9. I do not want to give up.

    Please check your inbox
  10. Still considered new grad?????

    I am a BSN graduate nurse who graduated almost two years ago. For various reasons I did not pass the NCLEX-RN until 8 months ago. I struggled to land my first nursing job because I only have my preceptorship as a hospital experience in addition to...
  11. I do not want to give up.

    Thanks everyone for the inputs. I contacted the BON and I was told my license is active until 2016. If i do not find a job until it expires, I will have to attend a refresher course approved by the BON. That would be few months before it expires.
  12. I do not want to give up.

    Thanks. I have already looked at the Board of nursing website . I can only take a refresher course which is approved by them which is listed on the website. I still want to talk to a BON representative to speak about how I can always keep my...
  13. I do not want to give up.

    I will ask my board of nursing how I can keep my license. In the meantime I wanted to know is it the one given at community colleges for inactive nurses?
  14. I do not want to give up.

    I suspected thanks
  15. I do not want to give up.

    What is CEU?