Still considered new grad?????


I am a BSN graduate nurse who graduated almost two years ago. For various reasons I did not pass the NCLEX-RN until 8 months ago. I struggled to land my first nursing job because I only have my preceptorship as a hospital experience in addition to a group home experience which is seven years ago.

On my previous threads, I asked fellow nurses if I should apply to new graduate nurse positions. I received mixed responses some saying I am no longer considered a new grad and others saying if I have never worked with my license, I am still a new grad.

The area I live in is very competitive with many who have more experiences than I do. However, I have decided not to let the time gap stop me from applying any longer.

I spoke with a nurse recruiter for an out of state hospital. I explained my situation and to my surprise she said I qualify for new grad opportunities at her institution. They have a new grad internship coming up which she encouraged me to apply.

I want others in my situation to know it doesn't matter how long it has been since you graduated. As long as you never used your license as a registered nurse you can still be considered as a new grad in many institutions.

Right now I do not have much time the deadline for the new grad residency is fast approaching. I needed help from fellow nurses with only preceptorship and clinical experiences to please post samples of resumes with only preceptorship and clinical experiences. I found such sample at the library inside a resume book but in addition I wanted more help. I am in need of help. Any suggestion is welcome. Thank you in advance.


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Different programs have different criteria for what counts as "new grad." Good luck with getting into this program!

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Most new grad programs define new grad as one having graduated from BSN program in the past year and never worked. However there are a few exceptions, as the one you have encountered that defines new grad as one that never worked as an RN regardless of how long ago you graduated. Best thing to do is contact the recruiters of the programs you want to apply to and ask them what meets their criteria for a new grad.

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It's facility dependent. In my area one facility new grad is defined as no paid nursing experience, licensed, and graduated in last 6 months. Another is less than 6 months experience (case by case) and graduated in last 12 months. Another facility has nurse specialty internships that new grads and experienced nurses with no experience in the specialty. (Such as an ICU or ER nurse with 5-10 years experience or a new grad are both eligible for the OR internship training program that offers 6 months classroom, practical, and preceptored training in the OR team roles pre-OP clearance/education, pre-op, circulator, scrub, endoscopy,same day. Only experienced critical care nurses are accepted for pacu but all those in this program have a few shifts assisting/working along side the pacu nurses to get the full OR experience)

The prudent answer is don't assume check the facility definition/requirements


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Thanks everyone. I have been asking around. I also do not mind being hired with a good orientation program. My BSN program gave me 180 hours of preceptorship.


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Thanks everyone. I have been asking around. I also do not mind being hired with a good orientation program. My BSN program gave me 180 hours of preceptorship.

180 hours of clinicals?

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The National Council of State Boards (of nursing) has recently defined 'entry level' nurse - AKA new grad - as an individual with