Took the test today with 80 questions!!!! - page 4

So I took my NCLEX RN today and stoped at 80 questions. I know they say not to freak out based on the number of questions you got but I have not heard of anyone getting 80 questions. I have heard... Read More

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    I passed! Officially Yin Yang, RN!!

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    SoonMomToBe, CCakes, and Yin Yang:
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    Congradulations on passing boards Yin Yang. Woot Woot!!!!
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    congrats to everyone who has passed, isn't it a great feeling???? I took the test on Monday 1/12 (test stopped at 89 questions) and found out yesterday that I passed. Thank you god. To those who are waiting to take the test, study hard (honestly it's a hard test) and do ur practice test, and you will make it. And to those of you who already took and passed....take some time to enjoy the moment. you deserve it )))
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    Congrats Yin Yang
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    YIN YANG, ZOOMZOOM2425, :clphnds::clphnds:

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