Test scores for Kaplan NCLEX-RN course

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    Out of curiosity...

    Kaplan review people, how were your scores on the diagnostic, readiness, other tests that you did along the way in the program? I want to know how your scores corresponded with success on the real NCLEX test.

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    my friend say he had 75% on readiness and passed with 75 q's.
    i myself have low grades and im taking it next week! im planning to reschedule again
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    I can't remember my exact numbers. I posted them here before. I know for the readiness, I didn't get the golden 65%. I believe I got a 59. I passed nclex on my 1st attempt with 75 questions. Don't get too hung up on the scores. If you follow their program, you should be fine. If you feel ready, more than likely you are.
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    getting 65% on Readiness Test, Q.Trainer 4 to 7
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    Predictor scores are notorious for going either way when it comes to passing or not passing and that is why people should not waste too much energy on them.
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    In truth, I felt more ready prior to taking Kaplan than I do now! That may sound crazy, but it's true. Just waiting for my ATT to arrive and I'm gonna get scheduled ASAP since I feel like I'm forgetting more info by the day.

    I haven't done any trainers since last week so I think I'll give one a shot this a.m. while it's quiet at home and see how that goes.
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    Same here I'm also waiting for my ATT to arrive.. but I'm planning to enroll in kaplan by sept.
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    ~ 65% ... should have taken it by now
    ~ 60% ... good to go
    ~ 50% ... delay it

    Kaplan is on par with NCLEX IMO.
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    Well, I failed my first try in NCLEX. Alot of factors came into play. 1. I was stagnant for a year and a half. 2. I only reviewed for two weeks with CD roms of Saunders and Lippincott. I scored pretty well on them, but they were content areas, not generally the higher level of questions.

    So I failed with 75 questions. It may mean I failed so BAD or it can mean I just wasn't able to answer the higher level of questions. It's all hypothetical. So I enrolled myself to Kaplan's RN program from international graduates.

    Okay, the first thing I did was answered their Q trainer 1-3 as indicated. I scored a 57,63, and a 68. Pretty bad but if you compare it to the 60-65 percent they want from you, its SO-SO. I also noticed that I never got more than 4 questions wrong. It was pretty much leveled. Then I took my Diagnostic exam, then I got a 58. I tried their qbank 'cause I heard it has real nclex type questions. I have taken about 8 already and I'm scoring 52-58 mostly, though I got a 62. It's frustrating. But you have to practice. Reach for that 65% goal. With Saunders and Lippincott, I would score very high. I still haven't found the time to read thru their books though
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    can anyone pass with 60% on diagnostic? my qt7 is my lowest 54. i was just wanting to finish it. any advice?

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