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  1. Documenting insulin pumps

    We use an Insulin Pump Self-Management agreement. A provider has to deem the pt is fully capable of self-management...we determine this with various questions and we expect the pt to show us his/her basal settings, tell us how many units:grams of CHO...
  2. FNP social anxiety

    I have social anxiety and am naturally quite introverted - nothing recharges me like having a full day where I don't have to talk to anyone. I am an Adult NP x 4 years now and very good at my job. Whether in clinic or at the hospital, when I see pati...
  3. Lateral violence. How did you handle it?

    Violence - whether domestic, on the job, or from a stranger in a parking lot warrants a call to the police. Bullying or poor treatment warrants a one-on-one conversation between you and the person you perceive as being the problem. If that's been t...
  4. New grad NP employment search

    I've been practicing over 3 years now. Graduated in August, passed ANP exam in September, started work in October. I'm in North Carolina. My job offer was a surprise and was entirely thanks to contacts I made during my clinicals.
  5. FNP work schedule

    I work inpatient (ANP) and schedule 7 shifts per pay period. Of course, that means holidays and weekends...
  6. Being an NP in NC.

    It is beautiful here. There is so much to enjoy in the mountains OR the coast. Great food! High medical needs with very high rates of diabetes and hypertension. Large immigrant population. Rural needs as well as Native American healthcare needs....
  7. Being an NP in NC.

    In many regards, NC is a great place to live. It's not a great place to practice as an NP. I am an ANP living on Western NC (worse area of the state to work from a pay perspective) but moving is not an option for a few more years. So here I am, pu...
  8. Maximum Lantus & NPH doses?

    I work in both inpatient and outpatient DM mgmt. There is theoretically no limit to the doses of basal upper safe dose to prescribe the way we think of meds like METFORMIN. Having said that, I normally will have pts split a large dose ...
  9. So, back to the original question... My experience as an NP without RN experience has been fantastic. I was hired one month after graduation as part of an in-patient research project funded by the DoD. Did I have a steep learning curve with my lack...
  10. Hard not not to take that personally with all the all-caps and holding. I pursued NP education/training rather than PA training because I prefer the nursing model of care over allopathic medical training. I knew I wanted to care for people in a ve...
  11. Call pay

    $3 an hour for overnight call
  12. I never worked as an RN. I had many years of experience as a medical assistant in outpatient practices, had done some teaching in medical assisting programs in a local college, etc. I completed a bridge program and had no trouble getting my first NP ...
  13. collabrative physician

    Check your state BON site to get the answers you need.
  14. Anyone Else with Pay/Benefits Cuts?

    I appreciate everyone's input here. Normally what I hear is how everyone's salary is much higher than mine, how they have better benefits, etc. Even though I'm sorry others are suffering from financial cuts, I guess I'm satisfied to know it's not j...
  15. Lantus BID

    Pts should not NEED a snack. If snacks are routinely needed, the insulin dose is too high.