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  1. 0 I took my boards today and I had all 205 questions, I can not sleep at all because I'm freaking out! So I got on here and started reading some stuff, I read about the "Pearson Vue Trick" and when I tried it, it let me go all the way to CC information. Does this mean I 100% failed? I am tore up....any advice is appreciated.
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    My crystal ball is in the shop. Not to be too sarcastic, but really, none of us knows. Good luck though
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    Did you also read the 10,000,000 other nclex trick threads? This has been repeated ad nauseam. You'll find out officially in a couple days.

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    It is not 100%. You can get false negative but not a false positive. Pay $7.95 for the quick results to know for sure. Good luck.
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    I have heard the cc page could be either or. Keep your hopes up. Good luck to you either way!!!!!!
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    white525, going to cc more than likely means you failed. I do not like to give false hope. I went to cc page before & I thought maybe I still passed & will see with quick results. I failed that time. Thus, accept the failure now (cry, be mad, get your feelings out, etc.). Then, re-group & re-attack your study session & be honest with yourself. Did you have anxiety that clouded your critical thinking, did you have a hard time understanding the questions or were you lacking core content nursing knowledge? Once you determined what affected you in a negative way to pass, then set-up a study session that is different from the last time & do the future NCLEX EXam in another testing facility.

    I am so sorry you will have to go through this, but you can defeat this exam in the future. Much success.
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