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  1. janeybirdRN

    Depressed about a job offer

    Not sure why you applied for a shift you can't work. Looks like you set yourself up for that one. This is something you should talk with hubby about before you even apply. You're looking for a way to make him the bad guy by doing it the way you did.
  2. janeybirdRN

    I feel so discouraged!

    Hey Fitnesstepqueen- I just realized you went for MSN-CNL- did you work in that role? Where did you work and how did you like it?
  3. janeybirdRN

    I feel so discouraged!

    That's awesome! Congratulations!!!
  4. janeybirdRN

    I need to vent :(

    Whoa, whoa, whoa!!! So many posters suggesting to move on and get a new job. The subject line is where your heart is- you need to vent. Any new job is a huge adjustment, nursing or not, granted nursing can be much more difficult. I know this from experience as a second degree/career nurse. Even my jobs prior to nursing I had to adjust to the work culture and the job itself. You have to adjust to a lot in nursing, the doctors, other nurses, learning everything about your specialty. Please give it at least a year. You worked really hard to get here and you owe it to yourself. Try not to buy into the doctors belittling you and also stand up for yourself. For example, I had a doc get upset because I called her for coumadin orders and the other unit had just called her 6 or 7 times that evening- I said I'm sorry but I don't know what the other unit is doing, I'm over here on a locked unit, I just came in at 7 and xyz is going on, you're absolutely right these orders should have been done and I don't know why no one gave them to you when you were here earlier, but here are the PT INRs and here is the dose I would recommend... She chuckled and was actually very pleasant after that. It was scary but I think having walked into the mad house that I did, I had enough gumption to be like look lady I'm not happy about calling you either... Doctors are people too, (some of them)- you just have to remind them that YOU are a person and deserve to be treated with respect. If they make you feel like you don't know something, own it- say you're right, Dr Smith, I should have done that; I'm learning and I will be certain to do that next time. Or, Dr Smith, I did not know that was what should have been done but thank you for teaching me; I really appreciate it as a new nurse and I will make sure to do that in the future. If you have this situation come up and you question what is being done, ASK- what is the reasoning for doing it that way, do you have time to explain it to me- I'm still learning as a new nurse. I would definitely give it a year unless it becomes absolutely unbearable. How long has it been since you have been off orientation? Start your year from that date and go easy on yourself.
  5. janeybirdRN

    allnurses 2015 Nursing Salary Survey

    Thanks for the reply! Neither one is primary. Both are prn.
  6. janeybirdRN

    allnurses 2015 Nursing Salary Survey

    Here's the corrections for the survey: Question 1 has a radio button for the "Other" option but no space to fill in the other field with your information Questions missing radio buttons for the "Other" option 3. What certifications do you have? Check all that apply. (response not required so it will submit without error) 7. What shift(s) do you work? Check all that apply. 11. What percentage of time is spent in direct patient care? 17. Select the range that best describes your hourly base pay. Question 17 was the one that was an issue for me because I have two different jobs and one pays twice the other so it did not fit into the available options.
  7. janeybirdRN

    allnurses 2015 Nursing Salary Survey

    Survey Monkey Strikes again. They love giving the other option without the radio button to support it! there is a fatal error in the survey. the other option for salary does not work because the developer did not include a radio button. so you are forced to select an option even though there is a box to type in other. This is not the first time (even this week) I have noticed this same error with survey monkey. The results will certainly be skewed.
  8. janeybirdRN

    I am a new nurse and I had a pt make a false accusation.

    Like others said- use the buddy system. We frequently take two people in for patients that have had issues with staff to make sure things like this don't happen. And they don't have to be 'psych' patients. People lie and hopefully you will be on a good team that supports each other and doesn't mind going with you.
  9. janeybirdRN

    At a Cross Road

    Hey its been a month! How are you doing?
  10. janeybirdRN

    SICU or NICU what to choose

    NICU for sure. Its a larger hospital means more opportunity and possibility to transfer to other units if you want to go back to adult. It will be a better experience. Plus as a nurse educator the varied experience will serve you well.
  11. janeybirdRN

    Leaving hospital for school nursing?

    Have you shadowed school nurses? Make sure you know what it's like in your area before you start applying. Plus only 9 mos RN experience isn't much to be a school nurse. Check your state guidelines for ratios, certification requirements, etc. There's also a forum for school nursing. Its a lot of social work and there's the academic political side of things too. I would try another hospital position. Maybe general peds or pediatric ER.
  12. janeybirdRN

    At a Cross Road

    You saved the most important reason for last. People on their death beds don't regret not working more. They regret not spending more time with family. You know what you need to do. Change your situation. Its not healthy for you or your kids. It sounds like you aren't doing it for the money. So make a promise to cut back your hours, no more than 60 per week or if that won't work look, for a new position. Above all, make time for your kids. Be all up in their business. You only got one shot.
  13. janeybirdRN

    The Dark Side of Working Nights

    $5 night shift weekend. $4 night shift during week. But that is really high and unusual.
  14. janeybirdRN

    State Boards

    It is not 100%. You can get false negative but not a false positive. Pay $7.95 for the quick results to know for sure. Good luck.
  15. janeybirdRN

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    From my previous career, most memorable unique name was Shady Basta. Still find it hysterical.