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  1. janeybirdRN

    Depressed about a job offer

    Not sure why you applied for a shift you can't work. Looks like you set yourself up for that one. This is something you should talk with hubby about before you even apply. You're looking for a way to make him the bad guy by doing it the way you did.
  2. janeybirdRN

    State Boards

    It is not 100%. You can get false negative but not a false positive. Pay $7.95 for the quick results to know for sure. Good luck.
  3. janeybirdRN

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    From my previous career, most memorable unique name was Shady Basta. Still find it hysterical.
  4. janeybirdRN

    Retired nurse injects feces into husband's IV

    Holy ****. What will people think of next?
  5. Oh my. Oh my indeed.
  6. janeybirdRN

    20, male, I could use some advice.

    I think he meant the field is in need of more diversity. When I applied to college as a chemistry major I got right in and it may have helped being female.
  7. janeybirdRN

    going crazy with the politics

    agreed on both accounts. a lot of the people I work with are the sole bread winners and they don't want to be canceled but sometimes they are and I am still working. neh. I'm just going to stop asking for anything and just do my job. also- not picking up shifts unless I really want to. thanks everyone for the feedback.
  8. janeybirdRN

    going crazy with the politics

    If I'm cancelled, I might stay up till 1 or 2am but then I sleep. I have super sleeping abilities that allow me to sleep sometimes for 16+ hours or other times for only 5. And we don't have on call- but we really should.
  9. janeybirdRN

    Blood Glucose Monitoring- What is your workflow?

    Thank you all for your responses. I have found very few places that do it the way described in the example which is from a Rehab facility. The places that are similar are usually LTC/nursing homes. I think with the HITECH act and facilities transitioning to electronic health records, this method will finally be put to rest. It is awful and has room for so many errors. Reporting off to the charge nurse and the nurse for the next shift are steps that I don't think can be streamlined. However, I am finding a lot of facilities only allow the RN/licensed nurse to get the blood glucose. Also, of the facilities already using electronic health records either the machine transmits results wirelessly or it transmits when it is docked. This is definitely ideal and hopefully facilities that have this capacity are using it to the best of its abilities. One nice thing about having it recorded in so many places is that it is easily accessible but EHRs can be designed so the that BG result goes into the MAR as well as the patient's trend or graphics page. I would love to see more people respond to the survey! Thanks for your input!
  10. janeybirdRN

    Pearson Vue Trick was WRONG!!!!!!!

    I believe in the PVT and completely understand why so many aspiring nurses are eager to get their results. Like others have mentioned, I have never seen anyone get the good pop up and later find out they did not pass. Recently, I told a coworker about the trick- well, let me just say- she was livid after her test even though she passed. She was trying to explain to me that the trick is not valid because in order to retake the test you have to contact your member board and so the pop up doesn't mean anything at all. I just let it go- no sense trying to explain it to her. Even nursing schools will email all their students about the trick and then follow up with a survey. There is plenty of evidence that it works. WE are like middle-schoolers waiting for the results of cheerleader tryouts to get posted! This is a life changing step. Nursing school was h3!! and to be able to just breathe that moment when you find out you passed the NCLEX is amazing. To have that hope from the good pop up is like coming up from underwater for the past two years (or more in some cases). I think a lot of people with test anxiety can't differentiate between amI doing poorly because this isn't my thing or is it my test anxiety. We doubt ourselves and we need all the hope we can get. And like other posters have said, not all states have the 48-72 hour turnaround for results on the BON. Not even all states have the 48 hour quick results. So, I understand those that are hyperventilating and at the same time I get what you are saying, GreenTea. Koodos to you for being so confident and able to maintain your composure. I wish I could feel like that. (seriously, do not portray this as sarcasm!) The NCLEX and nursing school were somewhat traumatic for me and to know that it was over when I got the good pop up- and then to know it really was true two days later from the BON- was such a relief.
  11. janeybirdRN

    going crazy with the politics

    two girls on night shift get total special treatment and it's horrible for the rest of the nurses. one of our lpns needed vacation time and they wouldn't give it to her and she had to find coverage for her weekend. but the other two nurses are getting off on their weekend all the time. one of the special nurses needed off and couldn't find anyone so the manager just took her off the schedule so she isn't even full time this week AND they had to bonus extra people to come in. a lot of times we have 7 nurses scheduled and only need 5. if certain nurses are sick and ask to be canceled it will go in the record as canceled but if you are someone else then you get it on your record as being sick. one time recently one of the beloved nurses canceled herself after asking another nurse if she wanted to be canceled. naturally the nurse who thought she was being canceled was really upset and the beloved nurse couldn't understand why. it's so unfair. i don't know what i have to do with this place. i pick up shifts all the time and it does me no good. on the other hand it doesnt do any good to call in sick because it just hurts the nurses and the patients. management doesnt care. i don't know what else to say but i keep getting into this situation where I think i can get canceled if i need to be but it never works out.
  12. Dear Nurses, I need your help. I am looking for feedback from your personal experience. It would be most helpful if you can describe the work flow of the blood glucose result obtaining and reporting. What do you like and dislike about the way facilities record and report blood glucose results? Here is an example: At my work, when a blood glucose is checked, the tech/aid gets the blood glucose result and it is first recorded in the accu-check machine, then goes on the aide's blood glucose paper, then onto the assigned nurse's report sheet, into the patient's MAR, onto the charge nurse's report sheet, and sometime during the shift, it is recorded on a graphics page in the individual patient's chart.
  13. janeybirdRN

    Hate being a CNA

    I think it depends on the type of nursing whether or not being a cna beforehand is going to make you a better nurse. Ltc, and rehab you need to help with more adls than you will in a cath lab.
  14. janeybirdRN

    Resume suggestions?

    You just don't need to list every employer you've ever had. But you should include employers for the last 5 years. When you say 13 years, were you at the same job that whole time? How many jobs was it?
  15. janeybirdRN

    Hate being a CNA

    Oh, snap. I love my techs. They save my butt and I'm glad to have them.
  16. janeybirdRN

    Resume suggestions?

    As far as previous employment: You don't want to go back further than 5 years unless it is relevant to the position you are currently applying for OR if it is to show longevity.

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