Poll: Post-NCLEX-RN, which question bank was the most "useful" for you? Poll: Post-NCLEX-RN, which question bank was the most "useful" for you? | allnurses

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Poll: Post-NCLEX-RN, which question bank was the most "useful" for you?

  1. 1 Just finished the NCLEX-RN, and I wanted to thank the users here for showing me some very useful sources of study material and exam questions. I used a variety of question banks, so I would like to hear people's opinions on which one they feel most prepared them for the NCLEX-RN. I felt that some were much more useful than others!
  2. Poll: Best Study Questions?

    • Kaplan

      36.07% 22
    • Saunders Yellow Book/iPhone App

      31.15% 19
    • Prioritization, Delegation, Etc. (LaCharity)

      36.07% 22
    • NCLEX 3500/4000

      19.67% 12
    • Other sources

      24.59% 15
    61 Votes / Multiple Choice
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    I used Saunders, Hurst, and Kaplan. Out of all of these sources, I believe that Saunders and Hurst were the most helpful in getting me to pass the NCLEX-RN.
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    ATI, Saunders & NCLEX RN 3500. Loved Saunders rationales & NCLEX 3500 SATA's.
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    I used Kaplan, hurst, hogan, and PDA. I think hogan was the best.
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    The only thing I used to study questions from was the ATI app that I bought. And I did about 14 quizzes ranging from 30-50 questions each and I read the rationales. That's it.
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    I used Kaplan for the strategies and the NCLEX 3500 website for questions. I did 150 questions twice per day for 1.5 weeks before the test.
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    I used Saunders, Kaplan, and the LaCharity book. The questions I had on the test were most similar to the LaCharity book... Kaplan's questions were harder than the actual NCLEX.
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    I used the knowledge I attained in school. I couldn't afford to buy anymore books. So I made the appointment and waltzed right into the testing facility. I passed on the first try.