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please pray for me

  1. 1 hi every one i am going to take my nclex rn on jan 3rd,4th attempt.please pray for me.As i have nobody here,this is the only way that i can live because my husband left me ,i just migrate to us.i am all alone in this country,please pray for me please,i am in difficult situation,please please pray for me
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    Sorry to hear about your situation..I really wish you all the best. Try your best to focus and do your best..God Bless!!
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    I'll definitely keep you in my prayers. Believe in yourself. You can do it.
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    You are in my prayers can do this
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    Pray for me too. I'm going in a couple of hours! Pn nclex
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    aww ill be taking my 2nd attempt on january 2. ill pray for you also... be strong ok!!
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    Be positive believe in yourself you can do it.
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    Thank you all for your encouraging words. I feel a lot better. I do believe myself and I'm going get my license. Thanks
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    i will be praying for you...I am doing my second attempt also in January.. Be confident and lets rock
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    Definitely,you'll do this. I'll pray for you. I am also taking the test for the third time. If i loose my test,i'll loose my personal life aswell. This test will judge my further life. I am also going through very critical situation,thats why i can understand your feelings. But,we should not worry. we'll do this. Evevry one is getting it,why can't we? Just trust in yourself and god.

    Good Luck.............................
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    Quote from chandrapn2011
    Thank you all for your encouraging words. I feel a lot better. I do believe myself and I'm going get my license. Thanks
    Did u pass? Hope so!!
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    I got the bad pop up. So I am going schedule another exam. After I get my results
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    After reading the paper that sd I didn't pass. It sd I was near passing each category. Guess that means I need to study harder and be more focused.