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chandrapn2011 has 4 years experience and specializes in medical assistant/office.

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  1. chandrapn2011

    please pray for me

    Hi. I havent mine in awhile either. Im good tryng ti get in RN school
  2. chandrapn2011

    Herzing Nursing Program

    Brebiy...Hi..can i ask how much is this program? Im thinking about going
  3. chandrapn2011

    pearson vue trick 06/03/2014

  4. chandrapn2011

    Nclex cut of at 79!

  5. chandrapn2011


    One word. Kaplan..Praying for you!:)
  6. chandrapn2011

    NCLEX PN stopped at 205 questions, PVT-- good pop up

    U passed
  7. chandrapn2011

    Took my nclex today.. Did the Pearson vue trick....

  8. chandrapn2011

    Took my nclex today.. Did the Pearson vue trick....

  9. chandrapn2011

    NCLEX PN??

  10. chandrapn2011

    NCLEX PN 2014

  11. chandrapn2011

    Passed my NCLEX today!!!

    Congrats!!;God is good:)
  12. chandrapn2011

    I'm taking my NCLEX-PN

    Congrats !!!!
  13. chandrapn2011

    NCLEX-PN test 2014

    Try Kaplan you have to know how break down the question. Everyone will tell this is key.
  14. chandrapn2011

    Took the NCLEX on 4-23-14

  15. chandrapn2011

    NCLEX-PN test 2014

    Pick yourself up and try again. You can do this!..I failed the first time. Everyone here at AN told to get up and try again I did. Passed the second time around. If i can you can. God Bless you.
  16. chandrapn2011

    I failed Nclex both times with 75 questions

    Your absolutely correct. I took my Nclex Pn i had several sata's. I used Kaplan to understand how break down the questions and pick the best answer. Dont give up you can pass.God Bless!

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