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  1. 2013rn2BScorpio

    Failed NCLEX...Take it in another state?

    Yes people do it all the time. Well I see a lot of people on Facebook that live in Florida that do. Although NCLEX us the same exam everywhere some states have unlimited attempts on NCLEX.I wish you the best.
  2. 2013rn2BScorpio

    NCLEX Project

    Save your money!!!
  3. 2013rn2BScorpio

    Failed my First Attempt, Completely Lost

    If you're on Facebook find the group NCLEX Uworld and do the 7 day trial then renew it for 30 days for $40
  4. 2013rn2BScorpio

    Failed my First Attempt, Completely Lost

    I definitely suggest UWORLD. You mentioned you can't see yourself doing 50-100 questions a day and that you have to do a couple of hundred. Please remember quality over quantity! Are you really retaining info doing a couple of hundred questions a day or are you just doing that many to say you did a certain amount before testing? I ask because I failed after doing 250 questions a day for a month. I heard everyone say you need to do 3000 or more questions before nclex. My last attempt I did 25-50 UWORLD questions a day and passed with 75 questions.
  5. 2013rn2BScorpio

    Failed Nlcex first time... Passed second time

  6. 2013rn2BScorpio

    Just finished NCLEX! YOIKES!

    Best wishes!
  7. 2013rn2BScorpio

    PVT what is the good pop up statement?

  8. 2013rn2BScorpio

    No Longer RN2B....NCLEX PASSED

    Yes UWORLD is very hard IMO. My overall score was 52%
  9. 2013rn2BScorpio

    No Longer RN2B....NCLEX PASSED

    The ONLY thing I used was UWorld. I made flash cards with lab values and studied those every day. My boss who tutored me taught me how to talk myself through the question and really break it down to find the right answer. I prepared for 5 weeks. My weakness is drugs and the ones I got on NCLEX I had no idea what they were. Please please please please know infection control.
  10. 2013rn2BScorpio

    UWORLD?, NCLEX in a few days

    I tested Monday found out I passed today. I used UWORLD ONLY and my overall average was 52% You CAN do this. Best wishes
  11. 2013rn2BScorpio

    No Longer RN2B....NCLEX PASSED

    After 2 years of trying to pass NCLEX. I can finally say I'm officially an RN. The nurse manager on my floor offered to tutor me as she is starting a tutoring services and wanted me to be her first test subject. Well she introduced me to UWORLD and would always randomly quiz me at work. She helped me get to the bottom of my problem which was using too many resources. I tested Monday and I had 75 questions. 5 SATA, No EKG or math & 2 hot spots. Once I stopped fearing NCLEX my dreams became a reality. I start orientation on Friday.
  12. 2013rn2BScorpio

    HELP! Failed NCLEX before, out of school for 7 years, wanting to try again

    It may be very hard to find a job but I don't think it's fair to say "Nobody is going to hire you." I really think it all depends on where you live. I see people get hired after being out of school for years. I'm not talking just 2,3, or 4. Although the job has them sign a contract, they're give 6 months of orientation. These individuals actually go on to be great nurses Now I'm not saying OP don't take a refresher but I definitely can't say I know for sure no one will hire you if you pass without one after 7 years. Maybe it's just the area I'm in but I don't see a shortage of nursing jobs here. It's more of a surplus. Best wishes to you OP
  13. 2013rn2BScorpio

    Saunders or Mary Ann Hogan for nclex rn review

    How is the actual Hogan book?
  14. 2013rn2BScorpio

    NLEX-RN out of school for 3 years -need program to teach me the material

    Try Rachell Allen. They have have 10 & 25 day reviews
  15. 2013rn2BScorpio

    nclex 2015

    Best wishes
  16. 2013rn2BScorpio

    Taking the NCLEX multiple times

    But in all actuality we have no control over who is competent or not. Even if a person passed on their 10th time and the BON grants them their license, what control do we REALLY have? The post that just keeps on giving í ½í¸†

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