Pearsonvue trick - poll once you receive your results

  1. This poll is a follow on from the pearsonvue trick poll which asks if you got good or bad pop up. Please do not post any questions in here regarding the pearsonvue trick, they will be deleted, please post them in the relevant thread Pearsonvue Trick part 2 - Nursing for Nurses
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  2. Poll: post pearsonvue trick poll

    • PVT worked

      93.27% 1,316
    • PVT did not work

      6.73% 95
    1411 Votes
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  4. by   caliotter3
    Suggest that the original PVT thread be retired when it reaches the 10,000th post and a new one started up for those who are interested.
  5. by   Fermin Hernandez
    Worked for me and 3 others I know.
  6. by
    Worked for me. Got the good pop-up and passed. Woohoo!
  7. by   Serlait
    Worked for me and five others.
  8. by   GGT1
    The trick WORKS! I passed.
  9. by   pink_princess_nurse
    worked for me too! believe in the TRICK. it's true.
  10. by   PrettyBrownEyesLPN
    This trick MOST DEFINATELY works!!!!!!!I passed my boards with 205 questions!!!
  11. by   VeroniaRN
    worked for me & the 6 other girls i took the test with!!!!!
  12. by   my1anjel
    Found out about 10 minutes ago!!!! I PASSED! It worked for me and kept me from going crazy!
  13. by   chiquita sn
    omg!!! i got the good pop up!!! i really have faith in this trick!!
  14. by   LesMonsterRN
    It worked for me and I passed.
  15. by   LETRN
    Worked for me! It literally saved my sanity and allowed me to function through a 12 hour shift this past Friday.