Pearsonvue trick - poll once you receive your results

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    This poll is a follow on from the pearsonvue trick poll which asks if you got good or bad pop up. Please do not post any questions in here regarding the pearsonvue trick, they will be deleted, please post them in the relevant thread Pearsonvue Trick part 2 - Nursing for Nurses
    Last edit by Silverdragon102 on Jul 12, '10 : Reason: changed link to part 2 thread

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  2. Poll: post pearsonvue trick poll

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    Suggest that the original PVT thread be retired when it reaches the 10,000th post and a new one started up for those who are interested.
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    Worked for me and 3 others I know.
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    Worked for me. Got the good pop-up and passed. Woohoo!
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    Worked for me and five others.
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    The trick WORKS! I passed.
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    worked for me too! believe in the TRICK. it's true.
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    This trick MOST DEFINATELY works!!!!!!!I passed my boards with 205 questions!!!
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    worked for me & the 6 other girls i took the test with!!!!!
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    Found out about 10 minutes ago!!!! I PASSED! It worked for me and kept me from going crazy!

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