Pearsonvue trick - poll once you receive your results - page 35

This poll is a follow on from the pearsonvue trick poll which asks if you got good or bad pop up. Please do not post any questions in here regarding the pearsonvue trick, they will be deleted, please post them in the relevant... Read More

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    Worked for me!!!!

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    Worked for me too......took the test Sat, got 85 questions. I was too scared to try the trick but at 1am I gave in - got the good pop up and yesterday saw my name on the BON as an official LPN!!!! Worked for my friend too!
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    I just took NCLEX on July 28th and performed the PVT immediately after I got home (30 minutes later). I verified that the website said, "delivery successful" and got the GOOD POP-UP. I checked the BRN this morning and found out I am officially an RN! I shared the PVT with some classmates who took NCLEX (3-4 of them) and their results on PVT correlated with their test results. It worked for us!
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    I just took my LPN boards today and got the good pop up when I got home so I am praying it works for me cause I am freaking out!
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    took my nclex rn exam yesterday and got a good pop out. I just want to know how long do i have to wait for the official results to come out?i took the NCLEX California exam. Hope anyone can answer me because im freaking out ryt the PVT for nclex cali works?..the good pop out is the only hope i consider...i just keep on praying that the pvt will work for me.
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    265 Qs, PVT went to credit card page, Quick results, FAILED....IT WORKED FOR ME (sarcasm), well I failed and now I'm a debbie downer :-(
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    @nurserain01, Here in cali it takes to 3-4 weeks before you receive the official result. Yah PVT works coz im i did that and im luckily passed the NCLEX .. goodluck
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    PVT worked for me. I am officially a nurse!
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    Took the test Thursday at 2:00 pm. Tried the trick Thursday night and got the "good" pop-up.

    Quick results became available at 2:01 pm today (Saturday) and I passed!
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    Took NCLEX on Tuesday at 2:45PM, got the good pop up, and found out today on CA BON at 3:30ishAM that I AM OFFICIALLY AN RN!!!! Thank you allnurses/PVT!!!

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