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the pearsonvue thread is well over 1000 pages and 10,000 posts long. the original thread (part 1) is now closed. here is a continuation of the same topic (part 2) with the following links: ... Read More

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    Quote from topz19
    I feel the same way wannabenurse. I took the nclex yesterday. The compute shut off after 2hrs at 75questions (Im a slow test taker). I got a good pop up, but im worry because i did not see my name on the BON website. Some of my classmates that took the exam yesterday was on the BON website already. Im praying that I pass.
    My exam took me 2 and a half hours for 75 questions! I'm a very slow test taker as well. I for SURE thought I failed and that there was NO way I could have passed in 75. I cried for a half hour after I walked out in the parking lot. I had so many SATA (probably like 20) and felt that I guessed on nearly every question except for maybe 2. I had meds I never heard of and tons of safety and infection control. I tried the pearson vue trick as soon as I got home and got the good pop up, and found out yesterday that I passed!

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    PVT worked for me! I tested on the 23rd, checked as soon as I got home and got the good pop-up. Today I found out that I passed!
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    Quote from wannabeanurse!
    Let me start by saying that I am totally loosing my mind!! I took the NCLEX RN Yesterday, June 23rd and left the exam feeling totally deflated like I had just been through a war. I had 75 Q's and wasn't confident in even one of my answers. I had a ton of SATA, no math, a lot of meds and prioritization. I've been getting a "good pop-up" on the PV trick thing and that is what is keeping me going (sad to say). I actually went as far as to call the BON today to see if they knew anything (thinking they would have a pass/fail in their records before it hit their site or Pearson's site). All they could tell me was that a license had not been issued at this time. AHHHHH!! Does that mean I failed? I have been a good/great student as far as grades and I did the kaplan course ect...

    Your thoughts?

    It's a good pop up buddy CELABRATE u've passed!!!! i felt the same way few days ago. i thought i didn't learn or know anything when I was doing the exam but the pop up was good, so the result the next day
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    Congrats to you all;i hope i get the good popup too as soon as i finish taking my exam sometimes next month.
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    Update: The trick worked for me!!!! Took Nclex Thursday, came home and got the "good pop-up", This morning my name is on the BON website
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    I was the biggest skeptic but it worked for me. I got the "good pop up" and just found out I passed.
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    This worked for me. Took a load of stress off my back. I also was so down I had time to search thru all the messages to try and see how many it didn't work for... Out of 2,000 if not more I only found 3 ppl and one of the girls came back to say she didn't do it correctly!!! She apologized and corrected her post. The 2 others I think misunderstood and resigned up to the Pearson Vue website vs. signing in and registering for the test again with their ID and password. This trick rings incredibly true. In searching, it also kept me out of bed crying over my test and occupied my worries some. I couldn't find anyone this didn't work for. I even found those who said they got the cc page and later returned to say they didn't pass and that it really worked. This is incredible. Needless to say I got the good pop up and today saw my results and it rang true for the 2,001 time yet again. Thank you!
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    Let me also add that I noticed if your from CA or your state doesn't participate in the quick results thru Pearson that it is not guaranteed. Also make sure it has the "Delivery Completed, Confirmed or Complete" message or something along that line in the status of your test... aka your results must be in. You need to use your ID and password to sign back in, not create a new profile. I spent a lot of time searching thru 1,000 of messages... I was blown away at the percentage so much so that I considered it a passing grade and was able to go out and enjoy my Saturday night vs. laying in bed in a ball of shock.
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    Earlier I posted that I thought I FOR SURE failed....tried the PVT and got the good pop up...and found out today that I passed. It does work!!!! Im a nurse!!:redpinkhe
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    As soon as I got my result that I passed I had to come on here and share my true belief about the PV trick! I'm a true believer! I failed my first 2 attempts and both times was able to go to the credit card page immediately after taking it. This time I got the good pop up and found out today that I indeed did pass. I was such a skeptic ! YAY!
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