Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?? - page 5

hi, this kinda worried me now. some tester have done this i think..the trick to reregister again to pearsonvue. if it lets you register and pay again that means you failed and if stop you from... Read More

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    i tried it and it didnt let me pay. aghhhhhhh
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    Thats a good sign.
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    If that personvue thingy works then call me poopie!! I was trying so desperately to find out if i passed/failed, i called everyone i knew and asked them how many questions they had, when they took the test and when they got their results. After reading in the forum, I learned that it varies for each individual accordingly-- I tried the KAPLAN review, I was wondering if anyone here knew of a better review session or any study techniques they can help me with cuz I am feeling a little bit like if i cant pass the NCLEX with--2 years of nursing school, how can studying for it the second time help....P.S. sometimes i felt like i was down to 2 answers and then i probably choice/guessed the wrong 1 out of the 2... If anyone has any suggestions, your advice is really appreciated.
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    Hi, i'm completely worried about this pearsonvue trick.. what i really wanna know if it's applicable for everyone? I took the exam last march 6, and i don't have my SSN so i wasn't able to check on the web if I pass, then i've read this thread about pearsonvue trick, and tried it.. it went all the way to the credit card info.. and now I felt so bad and wasn't able to focus.. it seems that it works for all of you guys, and I dont know what to believe
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    huhuhuhuhuhuuuhhuhuhuh... somebody answer me... it seems real according to your post.. so its time to move on....
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    madabcde, since you dont have a SSN it might not be applicable.
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    Quote from madabcde
    huhuhuhuhuhuuuhhuhuhuh... somebody answer me... it seems real according to your post.. so its time to move on....

    Sorry darling...but you said it went all the way to payment method..that means you FAILED..It happen to me..
    You will get a big white envelope in the mail along with the re-examination again..good luck on the second try...
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    I've got my fingers crossed that this so-called "trick" works for me. I took my exam yesterday and it shut off at 75. I left the testing center feeling alright. Not overwhelmed like the last time I took the exam. Last night and today I tried re-registering and it will not let me got to the CC info. I've got my fingers crossed. Please oh please let this be it. Yesterday was my fourth time sitting
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    I'm just curious, how long after the NCLEX did you guys try this trick? I live in California so I'm going through the same torture as most of you guys.
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