Pearsonvue Trick Is this TRUE? Does it work every time?

Some tester have done this I think ... the trick to re-register again to Pearsonvue . If it lets you register and pay again that means you failed and if stop you from paying that means you passed. Students NCLEX Article


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  1. Did you get the Good pop up or bad pop up

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      Good pop up - Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam
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      Bad pop up- Goes straight to credit card details

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I am unsure at this point. Just call the Nursing Board and see if they have information. They may have good news.


Pooja Pooja

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But I am getting this pop up right after my exam that is from 25 March 2023 onwards. But, they charged me today when I called them to remove the block.

now, is it no more a good pop up


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No offense, but you probably crashed their system, LOL.

I understand the stress of waiting, but trying to register over and over again isn't going to tell you if you passed or not. My recommendation is to relax and call PV tomorrow to have them credit your credit card. 


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