Pearson says... Pearson vue trick not accurate

  1. I called Pearson about the Pearson Vue Trick and they said that although people have been able to use the trick as an "unofficial result", they themselves state that is is not accurate.

    I did the PVT and it went straight to the credit card results. Should I believe what Pearson told me and not freak out just yet?
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    The reason Pearson probably told you it isn't accurate is because it is not an official, acceptable method to get NCLEX results. They have absolutely nothing to do with it.
  4. by   kcmd
    But its called the pearson vue trick.. and pearson says its not accurate?
  5. by   Rose_Queen
    But it is not official or endorsed by the company. Think of it like buying knockoff designer handbags or something.
  6. by   mhy12784
    Quote from kcmd
    But its called the pearson vue trick.. and pearson says its not accurate?
    Its called a pearson vue trick, because you do it through their servers (and website)

    That doesnt mean that its official, therefore its called PV trick not pearson vue verification. There are 100s (likely 1000s) of people on these boards who have tried the trick with success.

    From what ive read is the trick is virtually always correct when it doesnt go to the CC page, but is sometimes wrong when it does.

    Eitherway you should find out for sure within 48 hours
  7. by   Miss_Piggy.RN
    They won't tell you that is accurate because they want extra $8 for quick results
  8. by   chrisrn24
    It's like ten dollars to get your quick result. Why does everybody do this? Because it seems that people who do that end up paying for their quick results too.
  9. by   MJH3483
    Don't freak out yet bc A) it must first say Delivery Successful before you attempt the PVT, B) people who get the CC page don't always fail, and C) they want you and every other test taker to pay 8 dollars
  10. by   kcmd
    california doesnt do quick results looks like im stuck waiting... thanks guys.
  11. by   kcmd
    does anyone have first hand experience with the pearson vue trick letting you get to the cc page but you actuallly passed??
  12. by   NYeinaJ
    I took the NCLEX RN this morning and only got 75 questions in 45 mins with 2 SATA, 1 picture, 1 EKG, 1 drug calcu, 1 meds, and 2 drop box. I tried the PVT and led me to cc page. I will see in 48 hrs if the PVT works....
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  13. by   kcmd
    what state did you take it in? please let me know how it goes!! california doesnt do quick results :/
  14. by   NYeinaJ
    New York... I'm praying to God that the cc page for PVT is not accurate but I read a lot of people here saying that once you get to cc page you FaILED!!!!