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  1. yeah my point was that its fine if i or anyone else failed, but if youre like me... having the actual proof in your hand or even just knowing when to expect it makes the wait not that bad. so yes i have prepared myself to know that i am going to receive a letter saying that i failed. but if thats fine cause at least i can look forward to at least moving on.
  2. this is what i did to make me feel better for those of you that are just waiting around for the actual results after having been directed to the credit card page. i hate being in limbo (even though i JUST took it yesterday...) so i called to find out when the soonest i could get the results is. i called 7 different people at the BRN and finally got two consistent responses from BRN workers saying that my results were mailed out today (and again i just took it yesterday). i should be getting it in 3-5 business days.. but what i take comfort in is holding the official letter in my hand.. even if it says i failed that's fine cause sometimes all we need is solid proof to make something real. holding on to the little bit of hope IS really good.. so i'm not saying not to have hope.. but i understand how much it can hurt. so if you want, call and get some answers for yourself. and see what you can do, if anything, to speed up the process. good luck everyone!
  3. kcmd

    Anyone gotten to the CC page and still passed?

    Did you pass?
  4. Good luck and let me know!
  5. what state did you take it in? please let me know how it goes!! california doesnt do quick results :/
  6. does anyone have first hand experience with the pearson vue trick letting you get to the cc page but you actuallly passed??
  7. california doesnt do quick results looks like im stuck waiting... thanks guys.
  8. But its called the pearson vue trick.. and pearson says its not accurate?
  9. I called Pearson about the Pearson Vue Trick and they said that although people have been able to use the trick as an "unofficial result", they themselves state that is is not accurate. I did the PVT and it went straight to the credit card results. Should I believe what Pearson told me and not freak out just yet?
  10. kcmd

    Pearson Vue Trick was WRONG!!!!!!!

    helpp is this true? i got the cc page
  11. kcmd

    Pearson Vue Trick was WRONG!!!!!!!

    @mamacita2 did you really pass? i took 150 questions and tried the trick and it led me straight to the cc page. im so hurt.