Passed Nclex 75 Questions THIRD TIME! Read if you have ever felt down about this test

  1. im writing this post for anyone like me who has felt down and depressed after failing the nclex. this has been a long hard journey for me that started in may. I started studying in may, took kaplan, took the test mid july. Failed the first time was devestated at 265 questions. My parents had already paid for a trip for me to go to europe for a month in august so i went, but still very aware of my responsibilities waiting for me at home. so when i came back late august i think i was still on vacation i obviously really wanted to pass but i don't think my heart was in it i spent to many days at home not really paying attention to lectures and just doing questions without realy understanding why i was getting them wrong. so as i drove to the test site i was thinking to myself oh well i can always take it again. NOT A GOOD ATTITUDE TO HAVE! went int there and of course 265 questions again, i knew i had failed cuz i was literally guessing at most of the questions and not caring by the end of it. SO once again i had to tel everybody that i had failed. So the third time i really had motivation i knew i had to get my act together i went to the library for like 3 hours studying content, then went home and did questions. i got the prioritization book by linda lacharity, got the ncsbn learning extension and did most of the qbank. i did exam cram 2 questions and studied the nclex rn kaplan medicaiton flashcards. this time i was much more positive i knew i was going to pass. i went in there got nervous was freaking out that questions were to easy and to many meds i was getting wrong. but i thought them all out, i wrote 1,2,3,4 on my scrap paper and made xs next to the ones i knew were wrong. i took a break at 40 questions cuz i was burning alive i got water paced around the waiting are and prepared for the 200 more questions i thought were coming. but then the computer shut off at 75 i was dumbfounded looking at it with my big mouth wide open i dont even know what i answered for those survey questions. the guy said have a nice day and i walked out of there in a daze. i hadn't told any of my friends or family this time so i had no one to vent to! i finally cracked to one of myf riends from nursing school. i tried to convince myself that i had failed but inside i knew this was my time. and today while i was on the train into the city my boyfriend checked the results for me and told me in a GLORIOUS text message that i had passed. i spent the next half an hour calling everyone i knew, Everybody was so happy for me. I'm happy for myself! It took me 5 freakin months but i did it. So i just wanted to post my story because at times i felt so sad and lonely like i was the only one going through this, but you all have the ability to pass this test! WE went to nursing school for 4 years thats got to count for something! You all have it in you, and whether its your 1st,2nd, 3rd, 4th whatever just know that you can do it. you have it inside yourself.! Hope this message helps a little lol guess i needed to vent :chuckle
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  3. by   NYRN08

    Good Luck to you in your new career. What a wonderful story..You NEVER gave up..Good for you.
  4. by   cassim143
    I ,ve been checking the site all day awaiting your good news. Congratulations, I knew you could do it.
  5. by   caliotter3
  6. by   jemuel11
    Very inspiring,,, Congrats! I hope i can do that too
  7. by   allhrt2rn
  8. by   nurse671
    hard work pays off.. so happy for u. congrats..
  9. by   determinedgal1
    hey rachi,

    i knew you passed and i'm soo happy for you. sometimes it just takes us a while to catch on but you know what we are all going to be incredible rn's!!!!!!! good luck in your new nursing profession!:redpinkhe
  10. by   RNof2008
    Yea!!! Yea!!!! U did it CONGRATS!!!! Your journey was inspiration for me when I test this month 4 my test.
  11. by   michaRN
    Congrats!!!!new RN..
  12. by   smartypant
    thanks for your motivation may God bless you this is just what i needed at this time thankyou for such an inspiring story
  13. by   Melinurse
    what lovely words of inspiration. congradulations on passing the nclex. wishing you the best as you start your new career.
  14. by   stefano