Need Help Passing the NCLEX!

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    hello everyone,

    my name is shavonne and i need help! i graduated nursing school in may 2006, i have taken my nclex 4 times with no success. i took kaplan 3 times, that helped but not enough to help me pass. =( for those of you who have passed or those of you who know people who have passed can you please give me advice. i could use it all! lol i am going to start my studying again on may 10th 2010 and i need a plan!!!!! please help

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    The NCLEX forum here may have the answers you seek. I probably wouldn't do Kaplan anymore if it didn't help you pass.
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    @faeriewand: thanks for the advice. what is the link to the nclex forum? i am new on here.
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    The NCLEx forum would be your best bet.
    Sounds to me that you need to determine what areas you are weak in and study in those areas. If you are weak in "nursing process" you need to focus on that area.
    Did you not take HESIs during school? That is a great tool to help you determine which areas are your weakest.
    Try to find a teacher / tutor that can help you with some one-on-one instruction.

    Once you figure out your areas of weakness it might be beneficial to talk to your school to see if you can audit a class or two.
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    I Did Kaplan and passed with 75 questions. I dont know what advice I could give you. I had a friend that had the same problem and she ended up passing after doing Kaplan. Are you doing the Kaplan program on line or going to the classes>?
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    I failed the NCLEX twice before I taken Kaplan. Kaplan helped me. I followed Kaplan instructions on everything. Did you take live class and online or just the online? Now I have a friend who was in the same boat you are in, he graduated from a 4 year university with a BSN and he failed his NCLEX about 4 times. He went to school for Respiratory Therapist, taken that exam and passed. He is a great RT and he loves his job. You dont have to be a nurse to be in the health profession. You may need tutoring or some direction. Just a thought.
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    Don't over study, have faith in yourself, and don't read too much into the questions. Believe me, sometimes your gut feeling is a good feeling.
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    I have moved this to the NCLEX forum
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    Don't give up. There is one person who posted in the past, that if she had given up after her ninth attempt, would not have become an RN. She passed on her tenth attempt! Hopefully, you won't have to show that degree of perserverence!
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    If you went to school because of your heartfelt desire to fulfill a dream of becoming a nurse then don't waver in your decision- you need to do soul searching. If you went in because of the money, then maybe you need to do something else. Whatever decision you make, be sure of the reasons you are doing it. Sorry if I sound blunt but there is no point in sugar coating it- Good luck.
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