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  1. Hi lkWashington. I am a nurse in Washington and just curious if Washington is your last name or where you live. I enjoy reading your posts and looking for other nurses in the Washington areas, especially Grays Harbor. Thanks. David

  2. lkwashington

    Capella University vs. Walden

    I am currently attending Walden University specializing in Education. I would not turn back for nothing in the world. The program is tough and the professors care. The degree is accepted by different organizations. At first I did hesitate to attend Walden but now I am glad to attend such a school with a great mission and standard of education.
  3. lkwashington

    my 3 choices are queensborough CC Laguardia CC and Bronx CC .

    Click on Region and click on the NY.
  4. lkwashington

    Question for working nurses

    Anything would help. Are you planning on being a Hospice nurse?
  5. lkwashington

    Are LPN's being Phased Out?

    I totally agree because there are not many RNs going to work in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, or nursing homes. Those facilities are hard work. The patient load is very heavy. LPNs are not going to be phased out no time soon. They are phasing them out in hospitals. The organizations that have LPNs working are encouraged to continue education and most organizations are paying for it. It does depend on the location.
  6. lkwashington

    confused about MCI accreditation

    There is more than one MCI. I guess it depends which school a person planning on attending.
  7. lkwashington

    confused about MCI accreditation

    The credits do carry over to technology schools that are accredited by the same accrediting company.
  8. lkwashington

    Walden and Regis University MSN program

    I am working on my MSN in education at Walden since Jan 2011. I love the program. The enrollment advisor helped me so much, it was like we became bestfriends. To inform you can research Walden University on Allnurses and there is so much information to help you decide what is best for you. I am glad I am attending Walden. The professors are so helpful. Please research it, I did and it helped. Good luch with your decision.
  9. lkwashington

    African Americans as nurses.

    I am afraid to even comment. The only words I am going to say is Verniece Ferguson.
  10. lkwashington

    Tips for a Future CNA! :)

    Teamwork is the key!!!
  11. lkwashington

    Is nursing for me?

    I do not think it is fair for you to take care of the difficulty patient all the time because you are able to handle them. It sounds like your co-workers are lazy or just using you. By handling difficulty patients can be stressful. The patient load should be based on acuity levels of patients. I am not going to say put up with it because it is hard to get a job or find a different nursing job, but I am going to say something needs to change at work. I hope this helps. Good luck!!!
  12. lkwashington

    Emergency nursing help

    You have enough information. Don't overwhelm yourself.
  13. lkwashington

    My NANDA approved nursing dx 09-11

    Activity Intolerance related to work, school, and home as evidenced by always tired.
  14. lkwashington

    I am leaving nursing...

    Are you just venting? Why are you posting if you dont care what others think? And you have already made up your mind. Hope you come back to nursing after you have your large family.
  15. lkwashington

    Advice Please Help

    Most CRNA schools accept RNs who have worked a number of years in ICUs or Critical Care Units.
  16. lkwashington

    Help with nursing students' pharmacological knowledge

    I am not an expert educator, but I usually ask my students why is the patient taking this medication. I inform students a patient medications can tell you a lot about the patient past or present medical history. I explain doctors order medications for a different reason than what the drug book states. I lecture and have clinicals. I teach Med-Surg I. Students have pharm before coming to me. It is still hard because you have to find out each student baseline of knowledge with medications.

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