NCLEX-RN on Wednesday.....

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    Ok, so I am mildly freaking out about taking my NCLEX on Wednesday (graduated April 26). I did OK on Kaplan Scores (Diagnostic, Predictor and Readiness between 60-65%, QTs 50-70%). I feel I am ready, just nervous!

    I am studying tonight and taking my instructors/everyone's advice to NOT study tomorrow and just get enough rest, eat a good breakfast on Wednesday...

    I find that driving calms me down and helps me gather my thoughts so I scheduled my test for 1.5 hours away from where I live (it wasn't the closest testing center)

    All I am asking is please send out some positive vibes to me on Wednesday!

    Thanks everyone! This site has been so helpful over the past 2 years of nursing school!! My facebook for nursing!
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    Good luck!! Let us know how you do!
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    You can do this!! Good luck!! Stay positive!
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    You can do this!! This is just the last hurdle in a long line of ones you've already soared over!
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    Goodluck and You can do it!
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    Best of luck!

    Keep us posted

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    Best of luck tomorrow!!!!
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    Good luck
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    Best wishes, you can do it!!!
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    Prayers are being sent up as you test. You got this.

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