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  1. Plan to move in Texas. Help

    Thank you for information you shared! Can my friend apply for endorsement in the state of Texas even though she doesn't have an experience? plus she is a foreign graduate.
  2. Plan to move in Texas. Help

    Can she be endorsed in the Texas BON even though she is a foreign graduate and doesn't have experience but passed the NCLEX in the state of NM? She just graduated last year April. Thank you for your reply on my post! :)
  3. I passed NCLEX-RN!!!

    I wish the best of luck! ;-)
  4. I passed NCLEX-RN!!!

    Congratulations!!! Job well done! ;-)
  5. I passed NCLEX-RN!!!

    Thank you Sadie16! My advice for you is to really know your content & be a safe and effective nurse in every question you encounter. I got 10 SATA. I finished at 115. Good luck on your test!!
  6. I passed NCLEX-RN!!!

    It's alright to be anxious after the test! I even cry after the test coz I thought I failed! Lol!! How did you go with the test? I guess it's pretty accurate! I got a good pop up after the test. Try the PVT trick! :-)
  7. I passed NCLEX-RN!!!

    Thank you joantzoe! :)
  8. HELP :( I need confidence for NCLEX 2013.

    You seem prepared already! I passed my NCLEX-RN even my Qtrainers are in the 50s! Just be a safe & effective nurse! Good luck on your test! :-) stay positive!!
  9. I passed NCLEX-RN!!!

    Good luck!! you can do this!! Stay positive! ;-)
  10. I passed NCLEX-RN!!!

    Thank you C.A.S.! :-) Yes, being positive is one of the ultimate perception when you encounter hardships in life. I'm glad you were inspired. Good luck on your future test! stay positive! :-)
  11. I passed NCLEX-RN!!!

    Thank you, browneyes344! :-)
  12. I passed NCLEX-RN!!!

    Check online Welcome to Kaplan Test Prep
  13. I passed NCLEX-RN!!!

    I can't tell you if you're in a right track. In my opinion, you should know your content and practice answering questions and read rationale. Somehow, you don't understand the rationale, go over to Saunders and read the topic to help you refresh your...
  14. I passed NCLEX-RN!!!

    Thank you!! :)
  15. I passed NCLEX-RN!!!

    Thank you, Jpinay! :)