1. 0 I took my NCLEX wed. friday I got the results on pearson vue stating status:PASS. I checked the texas BON website and im still a GVN! Why hasnt it posted on the BON??? I wouldnt be worried but everyone in my class results posted on the BON 48hrs later and I mean exactly 48hrs. Why hasnt mine? does anyone know??
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    Are you sure they have updated the site? If pearsonvue says pass then you have passed. Theirs is unofficial as they do not issue the license your BON does

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    Did you ever see your license on the BON website since yesterday? Just curious because I'm in the same situation as you are. I took mine last Thursday morning at 8:00am and finished exactly at 10:00am. PearsonVue said I passed but the BON is still showing me as a GVN. If you did see your license how long did it take for yours to show up?
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    Congradulations. My friend did not see her license on the BON right away either after checking the quick results. She passed.
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    Thanks. I am so glad that is over that was the most stressful thing I ever went through.I talked to someone that works with me and they said the board updates the website on tuedays and thrusdays. I was wondering beacasue i know someone that took it the same day as me and they failed and their GVN status was taken that day. I will wait untill tomorrow before i call the board. I want to update my status at my job so i can get my pay increase. I had a question about the STATUS: Pass part too my friend said hers said GRADE: PASS is there a difference.
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    Hi! Congrats on passing! I just wanted to let you know that the Texas BON updates their website every Tuesday and Thursday only! So you should see your name tomorrow!

    Congrats once again!

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    It was posted today!!! YaY im officially a Nurse!
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    hello everyone, im a new grad and currently looking for a job. came across this thread and hope everything is true. i did my nclex on wensday at 8 am, found out on friday that i had passd and been looking at the bon website every 20 minutes at least 50 times a day. i just cant wait for that number. its monday so im hoping my name will be there tommorow. did anyone have any luck finding jobs as a gvn or gn and they act as if a graduate with a permit is not even educated enough to do basic patient care. i was shoked. i remember when i was in school, various hospitals would come hand out business cards and so on during job fairs and "promised" to hire graduates. am i the only one with this experience. im just waiting for my licence so i can apply for a job as a nurse. have a nice day/night everyone
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