NCLEX on the 18th

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    Whew, can't believe the time has flown by and dragged at the same time. I finally finished my hurst review Q bank. I surely hope that I've done enough to be successful on Friday. I am staying positive and only lightly looking at labs, and practicing sequential ordered stuff tomorrow. Can't tell if i'm scared or excited lol. Just butterflies. Wish me luck! Here are my hurst scores below for those who are curious, I know I always wanted to see others scores.
    History Type Score Max Date (end time) Reqd.
    Hurst NCLEX-RN Q Review Test 101 127 October 17, 2013 1:44:54 AM EDT
    Hurst NCLEX-RN Q Review Test 91 125 October 16, 2013 7:19:38 AM EDT
    Hurst NCLEX-RN Q Review Test 81 125 October 14, 2013 11:37:16 PM EDT
    Hurst NCLEX-RN Q Review Test 89 125 October 11, 2013 4:51:31 AM EDT
    Hurst NCLEX-RN Q Review Test 92 125 October 09, 2013 10:59:14 PM EDT
    Hurst NCLEX-RN Q Review Test 91 125 October 08, 2013 10:08:44 PM EDT
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    Goodluck to you! Your grades is Looks Great! and I know YOU CAN DO IT!
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    Good Luck!!!
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    Best wishes! You are going to ace it
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    Thank you so much guys! :-) Your encouragement really make me feel like I can do this
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    Believe in yourself!

    If you are a believer- don't pray for the exam to shut off at 75 questions, pray for endurance to sit there and answer the questions right/critically. God will do the rest! Praying for the exam to shut off at 75.......your prayer might just be answered but, without a pass.

    When you feel anxiety kicking in or taking over......raise your hand and wait for someone to come and give you permission to take a break......"go take a break." Go regroup and tell yourself; "I can pass this exam, and I will pass this exam!" This is the best advise I can give you.

    God's Blessings!
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    You're scores are good! Good luck!
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    Praise God for your beautiful advice
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    I'm doing hurst review to! Wishing you the greatest luck!!! You will do well!!! Praise him in advance and claim it's all yours.
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    Good luck on the NCLEX! You can do it!

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