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Hi Everyone, I was just curious as to what, how everyone else was doing in their kaplan, saunders or whichever nclex practice scores and uh the result of your nclex exam. Most of the posts i found were ah a few years old. ... Read More

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    Thanks Danny for the link so helpful
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    - kaplan qt 1-7 scores
    qt 1 63
    qt 2 63
    qt 3 61
    qt 4 59
    qt 5 66
    qt 6 69
    qt 7 65

    - kaplan qbank average
    i've accidently quit a few tests, leaving me with some odd scores of like 6% and 12%. i really don't know my true score. with my mess ups, 54%. i usually scored in high 50s to low or mid 60s on my qb tests. (i got a few 70s and even a some 90s on some 10 question quizzes.)

    - kaplan diagnostic test 66%
    - kaplan readiness test 68%

    - total practice questions completed: once i reached 5,000 i decided to stop keeping track. i would guess about 7,000, though.

    - how long did you prepare i have been doing practice questions for a year. i was in a 2 yr program. so i started doing questions once i completed my first year on up to a couple days before the test.

    - questions per day i think i did about 100 per week during most of the time frame mentioned above. however, the month and 1/2 before the test, i probably did between 20-150 questions daily (minus a few days here and there.) i didn't want to do any more than this...or else i wouldn't comprehend it well!

    - books used
    lipincott (q&as and the alternate format book) - read the majority of both of these books
    kaplan rn course book - read the majority of this book
    some other kaplan book on kindle - read the whole thing (shorter read)
    saunders - did about 16 chapters worth of questions, only read a couple chapters thoroughly.

    - iphone apps i don't have a smart phone!

    - nclex result and number of questions asked of you. awaiting results. my test ended at 75 questions, got the good pop up, and hoping it went well!

    - comments / suggestions
    i recommend buying a midsized notebook for your nclex journey. use a page to jot down lab values, a page regarding infection control, do a topic a day (i.e. hip replacements) and jot down a few sentence on it. read rationales of all questions and jot down little bullet point notes on important facts/tips. draw pictures to help (i drew a pregnant belly and labeled the fhr locations for different presentations.) i also drew a chest and labeled where certain cardiac 'hot spots' are.

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    When you took the NCLEX how many hot spots did you get?
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    Absolutely none!
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    Really, nice, ok. Has anyone had hot spots on NCLEX?
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    i tried to private message you but your inbox was full. so i will reply to your question here:

    i read a book called nclex-rn alternate-format questions by lipincott. fast read and the book is not very bulky so you can travel around with it! here is a link on lippincott's nclex-rnŽ alternate-format questions (9781609133078): lippincott: booksthis book included select all that apply (mostly satas actually), hot spots, chart exhibits, place steps in order, math questions.

    i really can't think of too much they can ask for hotspot. here is what i have come across that they could possibly ask:

    -parts of the brain (frontal, parietal, occipital, temporal, etc.)
    -fhr locations on the mother's belly (
    loa lop roa rop lsa rsa)
    -locate where to palpate a pulse (radial, brachial, popliteal, femoral, pedal)
    -cardiac locations (tricuspid, mitral, etc.)
    -where to palpate for liver dullness
    -locate certain components of a chest drainage system (drainage, water seal, suction)

    i don't think the nclex is going to go crazy with hotspot questions because they are pure memorization. it's good to review them, but don't go nuts.

    the fhr and cardiac ones were giving me the most trouble. however, i read a post on this site that linked to a helpful picture:

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    Thank you so much for sending me the information. I had to delete some old messages.
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    I didn't get a single hot spot...
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    Some of my old classmates got 1-2 hotspots! I test wed so Im praying for none
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    Good luck, please let us know

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