NCLEX coming up FRIDAY!!! AHHH!! Need some pointers!!

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    Hi guys!!

    I graduated my accelerated BSN program on January 31st and am signed up to take my NCLEX this Friday March 7! Like holy cow I cannot believe the time is here already!! My school used ATI and I always did really well, scoring level 3s on all of my final ATI exams. We also had to do the ATI predictor and score >91% chance of passing NCLEX the first time before they would sign off for you to graduate. I scored 93% the first time and retook it again for fun and got a 99%. I have gone through an ATI review class provided by my school. I have gone through Kaplan, I have the Lippincotts Q&A book that I have done 4/6 comprehensive tests, and I also have Saunder's and have done at least 1000 questions on the Evolve companion website. I have taken some notes on some topics I feel weak in and have made flashcards as well. I feel prepared, but then I don't feel prepared, I'm SO terrified of failing! I'm awful at SATA questions and am horrified of those on the exam. I only have a few days left to study and I just really want to make sure that I am maximizing the last few days I have to study. Can anyone offer up some last minute tips? Am I on the right track here? Should I focus more on just doing as many practice questions as I can? or focus more on reviewing content?

    Any and all suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!!
    Thanks! Jess
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    If you feel you have to do something do questions. The night before don't do anything, eat a light healthy protein rich meal fish is good brain food and it is light. In the morning have a carb like a bagel and juice. Don't over study this week it will drive you crazy and make you confused. Make sure you know ahead of time exactly where you are going for your exam, so you are not worrying about how to get there or where to park etc. During the exam take your time, you have plenty of it. Read your questions completely so you don't miss the cue words. Such as if they are asking you what doesn't fit, instead of what does fit. Rule out first then pick from what is left. Nevers and always can pretty much be thrown out. Sounds like you can go in knowing you have done everything you could to be prepared and pat yourself on the back for getting to this point. Good Luck I think you got this.
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    Thank you for the tips! I do feel like I'm kind of to the point where I might be overdoing it, but then I feel guilty if I'm not studying like I should be, if that makes sense? haha I live pretty far from the testing center, about an hour so I'm not going to do a practice trip up there, but ONLY because I scheduled my exam for 2:00 pm so I will have plenty of time in the morning to head up there. My plan was to head up there as soon as I am up and ready so that way I am up there and eat lunch somewhere up there and go hopefully rock this test! One last question, do you have any idea/suggestion to tackle these SATA/how many would you say are on the exam? I'm horrified of them because I am HORRIBLE at them (I literally either totally bomb it, or select one too many, or one not enough) it is SO frustrating!! Also, I'm not sure if you used ATI in school, but if so, would you say that it is comparable to NCLEX as far as difficulty?

    Thanks again, I really appreciate it!
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    When I took my exam it was on paper took 2 days and you had to wait about three months to get the results. That said my students use ATI and it has been proven to be a pretty good indicator of passing. Believe it or not the NCLEX will feel easier than the ATI and class tests you have taken. multi answer questions are the best indicator of your knowledge, just think through the process, and don't double guess yourself.
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    This helped me too! I feel so guilty if I am not studying, but I don't want to overdue it. I have been practicing SATA type by using the Saunders disc that came with the book. can choose the alternate style questions and it will give you all the types of styles that could show up on the exam.
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    I also felt like I was overdoing over doing it the closer the exam was to the point that my family told me to stop studying but I said there were just a few last minute things that I felt like I had to look at such as maternity and peds info. My school used ati throughout the program as well and ati is really good with content. I would say to be sure to look over precautions, priority questions, labs, and know content....I just started focusing at my content towards the end like the last week before the exam....I just feel like you can't go wrong without the content know matter how the question is presented to the questions 3 and 4 times to mKe sure you know what it is asking....I don't know you but I'm pretty sure you will do very well because you seem to have a pretty good study plan....YOU WILL's normal to be nervous and also pack a snack because you never know how long you will be in there so on the safe side pack something......and take your time there is know's also normal to feel like you're dumb when you leave out( for some reason it leaves you with that feeling) So with that being said......YOU'll succeed!
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    Thank you!! I have been reading about the study guide that is floating around here on all I think I will go over that some, do a few more practice questions and pray like crazy!! I'm mostly nervous for the amount of SATA questions because I'm horrible at them! I either select one too many or one not enough! However, I also have heard the more of those you get, the better you are doing on the exam! I just cannot believe it is this Friday! I'm calm, but freaking out at the same time! lol
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    I took the test Monday and passed! My school also used ATI, I got level 2 for everything except I got level 3 on peds and mental health. I personally thought the nclex was very similar to ATI and that ATI prepared me very well. My test shut off at 75 questions. It sound like you are very prepared!! I had a 93% chance of passing on my ATI predictor. I'm sure you will do great!!
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    ! I had a 93% chance of passing on my ATI predictor. I'm sure you will do great!![/QUOTE]
    I also had a 93% on my predictor so that makes me feel very good! I'm surprisingly calm tonight, I don't know how! I'm to to the point I know I worked my butt off, I know I studied as hard as I could, and I just keep telling myself, the rest is up to God! He WILL get me through this! and I just keep telling myself I just have to take ONE FINAL test for nursing school! Thank you all for your tips and encouragement, I truly appreciate it! CONGRATS to you jamisaurus, RN!!!!
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    Good luck on your test! I will be taking mine in a couple of wks..I am doing Lippincotts 11ed q&a..what were your scores on the comprehensive tests? thank you for sharing..God bless!

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