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  1. JessRNBSN

    CVICU to ER

    Hi all, so I have worked in the CVICU at my hospital for almost 5 years and I started there as a new grad RN. I am currently in the process of trying to transfer to the ER at my facility or their sister hospital. Just wondering peoples opinions of making the switch from CVICU to ER. Also, I’m in a bit of a dilemma as I’m currently on day shift and really don’t want to have to go back to nights. My facility is a level 1 trauma center, but would be nights if I transferred to the ER. Our sister facility is a level 2 trauma center and I would be 11a-1130p which I think is like the perfect hours. I’m worried though that I’ll regret not staying at the level 1 trauma center. Just wanting to get some opinions. Thanks!! :)
  2. JessRNBSN


    I appreciate your input but I do know the basics of each drug as far as what Increases/decreases HR and bp or contractility etc. I am getting the hang of it more as I have been admitting more frequently and getting some sicker patients and not just the darn chronics. Just didn't know specifics as far as why one is preferred vs the other and why...thanks :)
  3. JessRNBSN


    Ok so I'm a new grad in the CVICU at a large academic medical center/level 1 trauma center, been there almost a year. I admitted my 3rd fresh open heart today and they came out on phenylephrine, Levo and vaso for pressors. I know they all obviously are vasoconstrictors and increase bp. My question is, what is the difference between all of them? Like how do you know which one to titrate first why? Or does it just depend on each patient and how they respond to a certain med? Also, where does epi fit into the mix and dopamine? I feel like I'm just never going to get it and I'm very frustrated.
  4. JessRNBSN

    NICU Interview coming up, need advice!

    Sorry, I never get on here anymore! I ended up accepting a job in the CVICU! So it really worked out for the best!! :) they asked a lot of standard interview questions like "tell me about a time..." Had to give examples of like conflicts I've had, times I've exhibited leadership experience, etc.
  5. JessRNBSN

    Dog and 12 hour night shift

    Hi nursing peeps, So I've landed my dream nursing job, and am moving into my own apartment this weekend. Only problem is I'm really attached to my chihuahua, however he can't come with cuz he's our family dog. Therefore, I want to adopt a chihuahua of my own. However, I work 12 hour night shifts. Just curious if anyone has any pointers/recommendations of what I should do as I really want a dog cuz they literally are your best friend
  6. Hi nursing friends, So I'm a new grad who just started in the CVICU at a large level I trauma/academic medical center. I'm looking to trade in my base model littman stethoscope I used in nursing school because I want a better one and of course one that's personalized with my name and RN and a pretty color just curious what you guys would recommend, I'm torn between the cardiology III and the master cardiology. I've heard mixed reviews on both. Thanks! :)
  7. JessRNBSN

    New grad starting in CVICU soon! Any pointers?

    Thanks so much everyone for your input! I truly appreciate it! Next question is, what particular stethoscope do you recommend I get for this unit? I have the littman classic II that was given to me in nursing school but I'm wanting to get a new one because I want a pretty colored one! I was thinking the littman classic III, but didn't know if there was another particular one I should get for cardiology? (I.e. Littman master cardiology)?
  8. JessRNBSN

    New grad starting in CVICU soon! Any pointers?

    I'm in Illinois! How about you?
  9. Thanks so much for all your input nursing friends!! I ended up turning down the oncology job cuz I knew in my heart it wasn't for me and I didn't get the NICU or HTU/CCU job butttttt you know how they always say everything happens for a reason?! I think it really does cuz I landed a job in the CVICU where I work!! Woooo hoooo!!
  10. JessRNBSN

    RN working as a PCT

    Thanks for the advice everyone! Fortunately that's not gonna be a concern for me anymore cuz I've finally landed my first RN job!!! I got hired in the CVICU where I work!! Woo hoo!!
  11. JessRNBSN

    New grad starting in CVICU soon! Any pointers?

    Wow thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement!! I will keep it all in mind as I start my journey!! You mentioned resources to use, what specific ones as far as websites or books would you recommend? I'd like to get some books to start reading up on stuff. Thanks so much everyone! :)
  12. Hi nursing friends!! So I have finally landed my DREAM job and have accepted my very first RN job as a new grad! I will be working at a leading academic medical center/level 1 trauma center in the CVICU!! I am so beyond excited and blessed for this amazing opportunity!! I just wanted to post so more experienced nurses could give some pointers/advice as in starting out!
  13. JessRNBSN

    RN working as a PCT

    Hey my fellow nurses!! So I have worked as a PCT/student RN throughout nursing school. I graduated this past January, took and passed nclex on march 7th, and received my RN license on march 20! I reside in IL. I'm currently still working as a PCT/student RN because I haven't found an RN job yet. I've heard from a few different nurses randomly that it's "illegal" to Work as a PCT if you're an RN?! I'm like freaking out cuz I love my job, I'm just being picky because I REALLY want to stay at the hospital I'm at and it's taking forever to get hired. I'm perfectly fine with working as a tech for a little while longer until I'm hired as an RN if that means getting to stay at my hospital. Plus I'm enjoying having a life again and enjoying summer! Lol My manager and HR both know I'm licensed. So is this ok? I obviously stay within my scope of practice and only work my PCT duties too while I'm at work!
  14. That's a really good idea! I might try that! I've had 4 interviews now at my current place of employment which I absolutely love and want to stay at so I really think something will turn up! I had the HTU/CCU interview today and I REALLY hope and pray I get it! It def sounds like a challenge, but I'm so excited about it after they told me all the classes I'd be doing! I told them I absolutely love to learn and an constantly reading and looking stuff up and would have no problem with studying on my days off! I'm almost positive I'm gonna decline the part time position. Now the challenge is what to do at my current job should a unit offer me the position before the ICU does, if and when they do. I guess accept and if the ICU offer happens just be completely honest and rescind my offer for the other unit?
  15. Thank you!! I sure hope so too! Maybe I'm just working myself up for nothing and worrying over nothing! Wouldn't be the first time! lol