Just took nclex today and I feel cheated - page 3

So I took the nclex today. A little background on myself, I went to school at an adn program in Texas and I was an ok student. I made some a's a lot b's and some c's. I graduated in may and I got a graduate nurse position at a... Read More

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    i took the nclexrn exam last june 23, i spent 330 mins on 265 questions, 20 or more questions in SATA. i feel numbed and dizzy after the last question.i went home thinking i screwed up the exam. it took me 2 week to gather up the courage to go online for a quick result. i passed. i guess answering at least 150 question a day on my laptop really helped.

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    Just a reminder not to post about questions you received on the NCLEX exam, remember you signed a confidentially clause not to discuss and action can be taken by the BON if caught.
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    Well I caved in and got the quick results and I passed. I'm just happy it's over now I have to wait for my Bon to post my license

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