Infection Control Mnemonics

  1. hi! i already posted this before and posting it the 2nd time...i made up my own mnemonics, except for the airborne precaution which i copied in the april thread...

    source: saunder's 3rd ed.

    transmission-based precautions: adc
    a - airborne
    d - droplet
    c - contact

    airborn​e precaution (credit goes to the one who posted this on april thread, sorry can't remember your name)

    my - measles
    chicken - chickenpox
    hez - herpes zoster (disseminated)
    tb - tb

    private room
    negative pressure with 6-12 air exchanges per hour
    n95 mask for tb

    droplet precaution
    think of spiderman!
    s - sepsis
    s - scarlet fever
    s - streptococcal pharyngitis
    p - parvovirus b19
    p - pertussis
    p - pneumonia
    i - influenza
    d - diptheria (pharyngeal)
    e - epiglottitis
    r - rubella
    m - mumps
    m - meningitis
    m - mycoplasma or meningeal pneumonia
    an - adenovirus

    private room

    contact precaution
    m - multidrug resistant organism
    r - respiratory infection - rsv
    s - skin infections
    w - wound infections
    e - enteric infections - clostridium defficile
    e - eye infections

    skin infections:
    v - varicella zoster
    c - cutaneous diptheria
    h - herpes simplex
    i - impetigo
    p - pediculosis
    s - scabies, staphylococcus

    private room
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    thanks... love mnemonics! taking my test this Monday the 5th.
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    Quote from blueprint
    thanks... love mnemonics! taking my test this Monday the 5th.
    goodluck to you! i'll pray for your success!
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    i got a question.. cuz i cant find any practice questions for precautions.
    ok here it goes...
    for example the client has TB(which is airborne), which barrier protection should you have?
    A: mask
    B: mask, gloves, gown

    bec ive read somwhere that droplet is also a contact precation.. does it mean that you should also have gloves and gown? how bout airborne?? should you also have gloves gown with the mask....

    it just confused me... please reply.... thanks. heartbeat:heartbeat
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    Thank you so much for this! The first time I took the NCLEX, I was so surprised at how many infection control questions there was (I hadn't checked out allnurses at that time..I probably would have known better if I had).I definitely printed it off and studied it when I decided to retake the boards and I am so glad that i did because I just found out yesterday that I passed!! And there definitely was infection control questions....SPIDERMAN definietly came to my mind