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  1. 4x4country

    qualities needed for CNA

    yes everything that was mentioned above but always very important...... team work!!!!
  2. 4x4country

    what did u make?

    Nursing school is a very competitive program, honestly one of the most competitive profession for acheiving the highest grades. To get in most programs in my area, you are selected by grades which are point based. Therefore one most strive to get a A for 30 pts when a B is 20 pts (and C are 10pts, they count nothing lower for admission) and could be the yes or no to being accepted in the program. I personally know of very few people that was accepted with several B. Most students need A's and a high Teas test score to get in. HOWEVER once you are in, a whole different story. Some students accepted that it was harder and accepted the B with a smile. While other were still hard on themselves when getting the A Personally I would always strive for the A and usually received the A. Every once in a while I would get a B on a test, sometimes cry for hours and other times, thank God I pulled a B out of my a$$. Really as long as I had a A in the class I was happy. If you are proud of the grade you get, great! As long as you are learning and retaining the information, really that is all that matters. I had several best friends that were very proud of being a C student (they were A students in prequ but straight C students throught the program).
  3. 4x4country

    When do you find out the results???

    To find out more information on this- type it in the search box at the top right of the page and A LOT of information/threads will show up where it has been previous discussed. Also go to the Nclex forum and a lot of threads are there. Just a heads up, b/c not too many replys yet. Personally, I paid for the quick results, so it took me 49- 50 hrs after the actual start of the nclex. they are suppose to be 48 hrs, but it was just a little longer. LONGEST 48 HRS OF MY LIFE! and I bet everyone feels that way. Some students check the BON and see their licensure number hrs after taking the test. This is NOT the Quick Results or r/t it. The site will have you name, licensure is pending, once you pass- it will say active. and state your licensure number. Several friends did this. I took my right before the holiday weekend so I still dont have a number there yet, but my Unoffical results were pass. Hope this helps, again I love to search personally the old threads b/c there is so much knowledge and shared stories. Plus I believe it is faster. You type it in and get 3- 4 pages of the same question or related information immediately and don't have to wait for someone to respond. But that is just a personal opinion of course. Have a good day. :typing
  4. 4x4country

    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    transmission-based precautions: adc a - airborne d - droplet c - contact airborne precaution (credit goes to the one who posted this on april thread, sorry can't remember your name) my - measles chicken - chickenpox hez - herpes zoster (disseminated) tb - tb private room negative pressure with 6-12 air exchanges per hour uv mask n95 mask for tb droplet precaution think of spiderman! s - sepsis s - scarlet fever s - streptococcal pharyngitis p - parvovirus b19 p - pertussis p - pneumonia i - influenza d - diptheria (pharyngeal) e - epiglottitis r - rubella m - mumps m - meningitis m - mycoplasma or meningeal pneumonia an - adenovirus private room mask contact precaution mrs.wee m - multidrug resistant organism r - respiratory infection - rsv s - skin infections w - wound infections e - enteric infections - clostridium defficile e - eye infections skin infections: v - varicella zoster c - cutaneous diptheria h - herpes simplex i - impetigo p - pediculosis s - scabies, staphylococcus private room gloves gown
  5. 4x4country

    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    THIS WILL BE LONG. MY NCLEX STORY I just wanted to share my nclex story on this thread. I also wanted to thank everyone for their support and sharing their knowledge. I took the test last friday at 2pm. The night before- I only read this thread (got to about page 56)- watched tv- and read a little more. I have wrote everything in this thread down as it started, so this was a simple review for me. Nothing hardcore. It was extremely hard to not study!! The next morning, I tried to sleep in to about ten. Started to get ready, tee with cargo carpi. Don't suggest cargo b/c they went all through all my pockets:no:, I understand the reasoning though. . Got to the testing center about a hr early. Started test at 1:20pm. The twenty minutes was me in the bathroom with the stress-sh:down:ts.. My test was full of infection control--- know the MRSWEE, VCHIPS, SPIDERMAN, and My-C-HEZ-TB!!!!!!!!!! Inside and out. Rewrite it several times now so that way you can write it on your board as soon as the test starts. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Only 2 simple math. 6 culture. and a lot of med-surg. I had a lot of Priorty and 15-20 SATA. 85 questions within 43 minutes!!!! Unbelieveable. I know. Leaving I felt- clam but confused. I said, I think I might of passed it. I didnt cry or stress, nothing but confused. The hrs and days waiting on my results, a completely different story!! That is when the anxeity started in--- crying within 30 hrs after the test, looking up answers, rechecking the site q 15 min. I literally had to leave the house for hrs to avoid going crazy. Overall, It is crazy! I PASSED!!!! I hope that sharing my story, helps someone, somehow. My advice, Arrive early, eat before, use the bathroom before, take your time (I thought I was but guess not), re-read each question if you don't know the answer. I would read the question and try to answer before looking at the choices, or write everything i know about that infection, drug, etc on the board. That helped me a lot. Breathe- out of your mouth. lol I had to b/c hearing my heart and me breathing was anonnying myself. lol. Good Luck with all the next testers.
  6. 4x4country

    the wait is killing me!

    just wanted to say it again... i am a new lpn!! i passed !!
  7. 4x4country

    pearson- quick results- no link??

    i passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hip hip hooray!!!!!!!! thx for all your support
  8. 4x4country

    pearson- quick results- no link??

    omg thank you so much. my hands/palms are swearting. I am searching all over this site, now know that this is common. everyone in my class's results were posted on pearson- licensure site within 26- 30 hrs. now mine aren't on there, so i thought okay ill pay for the quick results. i am so worried.... i had 85 questions, all myths apply to me. Counted down to last question 82, 83, 84, 85. 85 was a med cal... repeated it 5 times to make sure i got it right in case it turned off and it did! So i know i got the last question right. kept a tallie of all the questions i 100% knew. only about 12-15. About 15-20 SATA!! and a ton of priorty! I tallied this but forget to count the tallies before i turned my board in.
  9. 4x4country

    pearson- quick results- no link??

    okay- so it has been 49 hrs since i started my exam. 48 1/2 hr from my scheduled time. I went on to the pearson vue/nclex site to pay for the 10$ for the quick results. Yes my state has them, but I cant find the link on the page to pay for this. Under my status it says delivery successful. no link for quick results??? In red at the bottom of the page it says "your exam results are not available at this time". So i am clueless... I need to pay! HElp- I know i am anxious.
  10. 4x4country

    So Happy!!!

    congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! have a great day and celebrate!! hopefully i'll find out by 2pm. started my test at 1:20pm, but was not scheduled for 2:oopm. i arrrived a hr early. like you i got 85 questions!! so i am praying that i pass. i am so anxious!
  11. 4x4country

    the wait is killing me!

    took mine on friday also. i am trying to have faith, but my honestly gut feeling -----is bad. i know everyone feels this way, i am trying to stay positive. i want to think that all the good grades, hard core studying, and nclex studying paid off. have to wait till 2pm to find out cause that is when i started my test. so many emotions.... rechecking the site, q 15 min. so i am trying to stay busy!!!
  12. 4x4country

    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    good luck!!!! you can do it. try to focus. write a simple positive quote at the bottom of your board. mine was "turbo believes in you, you can do it". turbo is my puppy who i study with. :redpinkhe
  13. 4x4country

    I Passed: I Am Soooo Happy

    congrats !!!! your an
  14. 4x4country

    my nclex story

    sry to hear about your car. that had to be scary. I took my nclex todaya and your story is similar to mine, I counted down, 82, 83, 84, 85. OFF! I kept a count of how many questions I 100% new and how many SATA I got. However, I turned my board in before I got a chance to count. So I guess-estimate 12-15 questions I 100% knew. and about 15-20 SATA. Heard the same thing. Last question was a Med. Cal. Double checked it.... 5 times to make sure I got the last question right for all the myth believers- me included:smokin:. Sending you good passing vibes. Hopefully we will both be 's.
  15. 4x4country

    NCLEX advice - Read this before you take it!

    GOOD LUCK ARO883! I take mine on friday too!! What an inspiring post. I def. need the words of wisdom!!! Anxiety is going to make me crazy. Beaglelover- For graduation I got an mini doxie (dachshund) Piebald. Since she is a Piebald- her markings are IDENTICAL to BEAGLE. Even my vet wanted me to prove she was a doxie. He said, "I thought we are giving shots to a mini dachshund, thats a beagle!" She is about ten weeks, so she is starting to look like a weiner dog. lol. She is so pretty! I study with her, so maybe since she is so cute, i can sneak her in to decrease my anxiety. JUST JOKING.
  16. 4x4country

    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    everyone keep posting- i need it. less then 48 hours away from taking the test! i need some words of encouragement. trying to keep the faith up in my :redbeathe. i know that i know this information and that i can do this. i know i will be a good . i just need to take one more test.... the beast! i am actually getting tired of questions. have done 2065! is that enough? today... only 75.... getting burnt out. please post information or send me good (passing) vibes. this site has helped me through nursing school and now through the nclex experience. thx to everyone.