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  1. princezzzz


    they're gonna ask you about yourslef, your experience, and why should they hire you? actually every DON has their different style of questioning. business attire/semi formal. dont wear jeans. just be yourself, and relax. :)
  2. princezzzz

    Really struggling with first job in nursing home

    i feel exactly how u feel. im also a new grad, and wasted a lot of opportunities bec of anxiety. ive already quit 3 jobs, my longest was 1 month. ^_^ i know its wrong.... but im just trying to get in to my previous job when i worked as a cna and Im gonna feel better. its really hard, but we have to start from somthing. 30 pts is not bad. my recent job offer was 50pts, and low pay rate, so i turned it down. but i still thank them for giving me a chance. still now i dont know how to start my vn career. so for you i suggest to hang on, and dont be like me.
  3. princezzzz

    pls advice for newly grad?? so nervous to start for work..

    aww.. thanks to y'all...! i feel better. btw, i was a cna thats why i wanted to be an LVN.... and now im here... its not that easy... sigh! tomorrow is my first day of orrientation... hope everythings gonna be alright. thanks... :thankya::thankya:
  4. since i passed my exam, i easily got my 1st job but i quit cuz i felt like im not ready to be a charge and med nurse at the same time. then after a month i got my 2nd job but i quit again, i just cant overcome my nervousness. and now i tried to find a job again, and there's 3 of them offered me a position, but still i didnt accept any of it yet. waaaah! my friend said that im so lucky, cuz nowadays its hard to find a job, but im just wasting these opprtunities... pls! give me advice on how to start my lvn job... i know all nurses started as new grad... without experience.. how did you handle it? im just so nervous that i might not know what to do if im already in the floor... i just cant start working... pls. give me advice on how handle it as new grad,,, thanks. :redpinkhe:redpinkhe:redpinkhe
  5. princezzzz

    will start my first job as lvn... sooo nervous!!!

    how come i really dont feel confident at work... i just always want to quit my job... sigh! waaaaahhh!!! :crying2::crying2: i always feel nervous....
  6. princezzzz

    Orientation length?

    i got 6 days orientation... i felt like it wasnt enough.. bec i was just following a nurse, and they dont even let me try tp pass meds.. its completely different if your just observing from hands on. nways, my 1st day on my own was nerve wracking.. it took me forver in giving meds... sigh! i dont know... hate it! lol.:banghead:
  7. princezzzz

    will start my first job as lvn... sooo nervous!!!

    i hope so... hope il be a better lvn... *sigh*.... i was just thinking, does all nurses started like this...? like dont know what to do.. so nervous.. or there are some who are just confident and ready to go..??? :cry:
  8. princezzzz

    I'm about to lose my MIND!!

    just relax relax relax on the day of your exam... ul be fine. and kaplan qbank is the only reviewer that really helps me passed.
  9. princezzzz

    will start my first job as lvn... sooo nervous!!!

    whew!! its my first day... i felt like i was out from our house for a month... it was sooo busy! i never had a chance to take a break, or even peeeeee! lol i got done at 12am just passing meds... and luckily my friend helpd me.. its worst without her. and plus charting... so i was out like 130am.... still with there help. what if nobody helped me... maybe im gonna go home like 3am...??? :banghead: dont know what to do... waaaaahhh!!!!
  10. anybody in the same shoes..? im soo freaking out... this is the most intense job i'll ever do... this is my first job as lvn... and today will be my first day on my own after my 1 week orientation.. waaahh!! so nervous.... :cry: any advice..??? pls.. thankz/
  11. princezzzz

    4th go around with nclex pn

    not everytime you failed is you're gonna get a BIG envelope... cuz i failed twice, the second time i got the small one but i failed. 3rd time i took it and got a big envelope.. but i passed. i know, I hate those BIG envelope too. nwayz, I know how u feel... when i took my 2nd test, i gave my all... i did everything... but still failed. i really didnt know what to do... but i dont have a choice but to try it again. 3rd time, i used kaplan qbank... and it really helps me a lot.. and during the exam, its important to be calm and avoid to be nervous... so you could focus and understand the questions and choices better. dont give up!!! you can do it... gooodluck!!! :redpinkhe:redpinkhe:redpinkhe:redpinkhe:redpinkhe
  12. princezzzz

    please help how to use kaplan Q bank

    did you take rn or pn? is it really gonna help??? waaaaah!!! i really need to pass this nclex... do u have any advices???? thanks...
  13. princezzzz

    please help how to use kaplan Q bank

    i love this kaplan qbank... ive just purchased it last week... and theres a lot of prioritization, sata, infection control questions(a lot diff from saunders)... and yah, 50 is the max to creat test.. it depends on you want to practice questions... by category or all of the categories.. focus on you weakness, i do per category. i hope this kaplan would help.... :coollook::coollook:
  14. princezzzz

    Kaplan QBank

    i got a question... how do you answer practice questions? which one is effective? exam mode first ? or study mode first...?? thanks..:redpinkhe:redpinkhe:redpinkhe
  15. princezzzz

    My Kaplan PN q-bank scores

    hi! im planning to buy kaplan qbank.. i dont if its worth it... is it better that saunders? or is it quite the same as the actual nclex pn exam..? this would be my 3rd time... and how do you guys answer the questions? exam mode or study mode first?? thanks...:redpinkhe:redpinkhe:redpinkhe
  16. princezzzz

    isolation question

    does anybody know if theres some practice questions for this topic..?? it just really confuses me,,,, please let me know..