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I took the NCLEX today...

  1. 4 4 SATA
    5 Ordered Response
    1 EKG

    77 questions total. I did the PRT and I got the pop up. I'm not sure when I will get the results, I'm in California and it took forever for me to get my ATT. I hope I really did pass.
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    4 SATA now that's GREAT! Congrats
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    Congrats. Did you find the NCLEX questions to be short like (one sentence ) ATI questions or long paragraphs like Kaplan?
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    4 SATA??!! Oh boy, I'm jealous!! I'm hoping that's the case for me tomorrow!!
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    Most of the questions were short like ATI. Some of the questions included information that had nothing to do with the answer. I didn't use Kaplan so I'm not sure about their question format (I didn't have the funds for it)
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    Congrats !!
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    What did you use to study that you think helped you the most?
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    When I took the NCLEX on January 31st, I felt like I was on Kaplan's Qbank. Everything looked the same to me. From the way they were worded to the way the screen looked. I had did a lot of different types of questions from Lippincott, Saunders, ATI, Kaplan, etc. I think Kaplan is most like the nclex.

    Passed with 90 question on first attempt.

    'Toyosee' if you got the good pop-up, more than likely you passed. Congrats!
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    Congrats!!! It must be an awesome feeling. I have mine scheduled for the 25th of this month. I am freaking out, its my 2nd time around I took it in September of 2013 and it stopped at 85 Q which means I did pretty bad. The 1st time I only studied for 3 weeks. This time around I took 3 months to prepare myself. I got the Kaplan Qbank which I did 100% with a 64% average. Now I've been working on the question trainers. My scores are 1) 63% 2) 65% 3) 64% 4) 66%. I did the readiness and got a 74%. But I am really worried about the meds I don't feel comfortable with them and I just cannot memorize any more info. So overwhelmed and anxious about the NCLEX. Any suggestions would really be appreciated
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