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  1. Seun2014

    living in SC, looking at GA

    guys do what you have to do.I lived in NJ and we had clinicals there but had to go to maryland for clinicals because NJ are just way too slow to respond back quickly.I stayed in hotels with my family most time because is my goal and i want it so bad.I graduated months ao and that feelings while walking through the stage was priceless.
  2. Seun2014

    PVT Changed?

    You are right because i tried the trick minutes(i did it as soon as i came out of the exam) not even hours after taking the exam and it took my money,i hope i am one of the odds because i studied hard for this exam and knew most but not all the answers that i was asked.It is now 48hrs and my result are still not available.I ordered some books to read for next exam incase i indeed fail the exam because the trick works for almost everybody and maybe except me?who knows?Eitherway,i am not too scare to study over again because it is what i always want to be and i came a long way to give up now.
  3. Seun2014

    trick still works ?

    i need the link for those that paid200 and still passed.
  4. Seun2014

    nclexRNsecond attempt in 4days

    I used exam cram the first time and lacharity but didn't do any practice test=failed. started studying off and on since august27 but got seriously focused since september 8 while doing my kaplan review. I study anywhere btw 4 to 8 hours a day roughly.I did 80% of qbank for kaplan and did all the trainers except trainer7.I also took the sample tests and read the kaplan book by Barbara Ewing for review,answered all the questions in study mode only for that book.my scores for kaplan are not encouraging but i atleast know it is test taking and not content.I read some 8 chapters from exam cram but i wasnt reaining much so i started taking qbank from kaplan.I read alittle bit of kaplan ebook as well.I watched some of the content video and made flash card for infection control and review cram sheet by exam cram everynight after studying since two weeks ago. What do you guys think?i need some encouragement.i was close to cancelling my exam today but i asked myself for what?i keep thinking maybe i need to study more because i am scared but really,i can only review till next week.If you believe in prayer,please pray for me and if you can,wish me goodluck as i need both.
  5. Seun2014

    All Nurses Help me please!!!!!!!!

    Try to see what went wrong and regroup yourself.did you finish all the trainers and qbanks?did you look up what you did know?Go through those that already passed post and see if you can get all info needed to pass.Good luck.
  6. Seun2014

    please tell me what you think?

    I will be doing questions and reading rationales for this upcoming week before the exam the next Monday. Input pls!
  7. Seun2014

    please tell me what you think?

    Here are my scores i have study for content using kaplan ebook here and there with excam cram and kaplan exam reviee.do you guys think am ready for nclex rn or need to study more-i am done studying now and reviewing labs and infection control before taking trainer 6 and 7 this weekend- Trainers 1,2,3,4 and 5 scores in that order.I also took two trainers in one day. .70.7 .68.0 .57.0 .58.7 .46.7(/had a bad day) Do youys thnk i should my date for mid october or i should be fine with this scores?Thank you for your input,i need encourragement.Pls ignore errors typing from my dumberry.
  8. trainer 4 -58.7
  9. Seun2014

    NJ License

    Please pm me how long it took the board to approve your application in order to get ATT?they now ask for things not on the application.
  10. Seun2014

    NCLEX tips/my NCLEX journey

    Thanks for the info
  11. Scaredsilly:I don't have help.I went through the same for my lpn license but i just feel guilty i can't study as i want because i like to study.I have to continue studying as it is now but won't take the nclex until i am sure that i covered all the materials.
  12. BSNRN2014-Thank you so much for your input and help.I will definitely do as you said.I study when the kids are napping and do questions when they playing but block my mind off the noises.
  13. hello guys: my trainer scores are not encouraging at all.I have taken the kaplan review and scored 3/5 or 4/5 most of the time during review and 2 or 3 below 3/5.I can't study at alone.There is no time for it at all as i have to be with my newborn and toddler.here are my scores sample test1-38 sample test 2-56% sample test3-73.3% sample test 4 boy horrible score-14% trainer1-70.7 trainer 2-68 trainer3-57 I have not taken 4,5,6 and 7 yet I hit submit before i finish my diagnostic,i just review that along with readiness. I took management of care 1 test with only 30 questions and scored 60% i started studying exam cram and kaplan e-book last week. I want to take my exam in october maybe on the 15 or towards the end of it.I plan to finish exam cram but can't finish kaplan e-book(625 pages).Focused review test is like reading the book because it shows you what you get wrong and gives rationales along with lecture.I might just keep doing that instead of studying the e-book,what do you guys think?This is my second time and i scored below on management of care but doing okay now per the score about on it.Thank you for reading this if you make it this far.Am all ears,insights please.
  14. Seun2014

    Bad pop-up doesn't necessarily mean you failed!!!

    I hope this is true as i got the bad pop and went to cc page as well.finger crossed for me.
  15. Seun2014

    PA lpn to bsn indiana state university

    I live next door to you.my email is holy_divine2009@hotmail.com
  16. Seun2014

    Challenge Exams

    As a new graduate student,indiana have trained professors that will work you through your journey....that is once you are in the nursing program.As for the 4 modules,i used college network and trust me people have stories to tell about them but it works for me because i am more focus on the big picture not the money they are going to collect.I am glad i used them eventhough i have to pay monthly for load but nothing comes easily in life.Determination and hardwork will get you through the program nothing else.Goodluck.