I Passed With 265!!!!

  1. I took my NCLEX for the 1st time on Wednesday Nov 22nd. I got all 265 questions. I just found out today on Friday 24th that I Passed. I have never posted any thing on this website but just visiting this website frequently and reading advices from people who had taken the NCLEX really encouraged me and helped me stay focused. I want to thank everyone who has posted questions, answers, and advices.
    Kaplan and Saunders review books are the best and You All Ofcourse.
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    Good job on your exam!
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    hi!!! congratulations!!!! how i envy you! i will be taking mine this coming wednesday, the 29th... i hope you can share with me tips on topics you've encountered. God bless!!! again, my congratulations!!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
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    congrats, nursie
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    Congratulations, RN!!