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I know that many of you are freaking out about this important exam that determines your future, I know because I was constantly thinking about it and I was constantly on this website reading success... Read More

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    Thanks so much. Your tips on prioritization are just what I need! :-)
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    congratulations !!!!!!

    thanks a lot to post tips

    plz tell me . how was your score in practice questions before you take exam?

    because my planning is to take after a month but my score is around 60%. wt u suggest should i wait or go ahead to take.. i took kaplan review online. was 55% and exam cram is about 70%. i have mary annhogan review too. it is all mixed score.50 to 75%. because sometimes i see same question again . so i knew the answer may be thats why score goes up. how can i know wt is my level. or please advise we should do more questions or content . thanks a lot for your time
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    Congratulations!! Ms RN,
    I am using ATI, since I grat. from nursing school 4 years ago and I have not pass this test. This is my email goblue4071@yahoo.com. I need help.
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    Quote from five10fevr
    Thanks everyone for your great input. I will be taking my NCLEX at the end of January and starting to really stress out. My school requires us to take Kaplan review and will be doing that the first week of January. I took my pre review test today and only got 61.7%
    I know I need to do several practice questions daily.

    Where do you sign up for the practice CAT test.
    I will also be taking Kaplan review first week in January but the online classroom anywhere review... Then 2 weeks later I take the NCLEX I'm so nervous!!!
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    Hello Dubs2012, Don't be nervous. Kaplan review is good. This is my email goblue4071@yahoo.com. I need help.
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    Congrats! And thank you! I look foward to more reading more of your posts!
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    I just deleted everything in my mailbox! I am going to work on creating a study guide w/ tips , it might help you pass nclex!
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    Please do!
    And thank you.
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    Safety first!

    Types of pt at risk that require observation / intervention:

    Alcoholics/ drug abusers
    Demented- keep them close to nurses station
    Mentally challenged pts


    These pts cannot be discharged before 72 hrs in nclex world if you need space for new admissions.

    MI, broken hips, ostomy

    Never give Tylenol or tylenol based meds to pt with liver problems.

    Steroids end with -ONE

    Contrast dye is usually hard on kidneys- watch for kidney problems , monitor labs

    Renal pt should never take in foods high in potassium

    Renal problem: potassium and extra water kills you!

    If pt has fever and has any kind of patches on body- REMOVE. The heat of the body will absorb the med faster!

    If child has brown, gray, black lines on teeth mother took tetracycline while pregnant.

    Remember on nclex the nurse does everything and you have all the orders from the doctor ready to use !

    This confused me the most when I was doing practice questions: everytime I saw a question that started with a pregnant lady I got anxiety thinking it was an OB question!

    There are pregnant people on nclex! It doesn't mean it's an OB question.

    People with cerebral palsy have a normal intelligence!

    Type 1 herpes above waste
    Type 2 herpes below waste

    Herpes 1 can become herpes 2 and herpes 2 can become herpes 1!

    If you have herpes 1 and scratch yourself below waste, you know where , now you also have type 2!

    Diabetes can happen in all trimesters

    When baby is delivered : compress bulb, suction mouth before nose--- to remember it think: you don't nose junk in your mouth first!

    Mastitis: you still continue to breast feed on both breasts!

    Heat on the breasts helps milk come out!

    Wear ice and tight bra if not breast feeding

    To release suction from breast: put the small finger pinkie in the corner of baby's mouth

    Remember: dehydrated and cold baby--- high risk for death! Must intervene immediately!

    There no mother baby bonding if you're watching tv or doing other things-- must pay full attention to the infant!

    Diagnosing scoliosis: bend at the waist! Uneven shoulders, hips

    Memorize: normal changes in elderly , labs, ABGs, infection control, anatomy of heart , math formulas

    These are most likely to be sequential order:

    24 hr urine collection
    Priming and hanging new iv
    Applying warm cold pack
    Meds via G- tube- in nclex each and every meds is given separately and flush in between meds
    Sterile specimen from foley trach
    Drawing and giving both insulins
    Inserting foley
    Sterile fields
    Personal protective equipment
    Admin eye ad ear drops

    Hope this helps- will continue to add more. Peace and love!
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    Do delegate to nursing assistant:
    Walk/ roll stable pts
    Ok to reorient pts

    Do not delegate: in nclex world

    Sterile procedures
    Assessments even vs on new adm
    Feeding pt at risk for aspiration
    Over the counter topicals
    No teaching
    Chest tubes , arterial lines, trachs, contagious disease

    Rules of delegation in nclex:

    You r one nurse, you have only 1 pt, you have all the time in the world

    Delegate stable pts only
    Assume all orders are written no need for md order
    Always ask which pt is more likely to die first--see him first!

    If stuck and don't know what the hell is the right answer choose the most vital organs-- heart, lungs, kidneys over legs finger