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  1. davi000

    Do you have 30 minutes for lunch?

    NO never able to take even 10 min i wish. working at long term/ rehab faciity at night with 48 to 50 pts. lot of work busy like hell. only eat while i am charting finger foods like banana or garnola bars . even i go work 30 mts before.
  2. davi000


    CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!! YOU MADE IT !!!!!!! yes GOD is amaging. if you believe him he never let you down. my results are on hold. but i know GOD is always there for me to help in life challenging experiences
  3. davi000

    nclex tomorrow!!!!!

    how was your test cali boy? i took in CA too. still waiting my result are on hold. i hope we all will be pass.
  4. davi000


  5. davi000

    my exam experience ? ran out of time ????

    thanks for reply . but i didn't understand how can i stay above the line with wrong answer ?
  6. hi guys, i took exam yesterday. it was very bad becaz i ran out of time at 240 ques. i was crying all day. after i got home went to CHURCH to pray may be only GOD can help this time still there is hope may be ? if GOD likes me. ...
  7. davi000

    Time limit for completing NCLEX exam

    i think in CA no time limit
  8. davi000

    Update. Its official I am a RN.

    congratulations !!!!!! now you can celebrate your big day
  9. i have kaplan review online. it includes q bank 1300 questions, QT 1-7. lots of LOD and more online review with questions.
  10. i think you are doing good. my exam in 3 days .i will tell you after is this book is helpful for me or no. but my kaplan score is scaring hell me a lot. about a month ago i was above 70. now below 60. but i am 55 -65 in marry ann hogan review.
  11. anh_thule my exam in 3 days . i am very nervous. my score is below 60%. in kaplan. thats why i was looking for somebody who passed with lowest score. so i found your thread. it gave me little hope and energy to sit down in exam. my score dropped fro...
  12. davi000

    My Nclex Experience today!

    which review you have and how is your score now?
  13. davi000

    Yesterday I took my NCLEX - Tried PVT

    thanks a LOT yallala to encourage me . reading your kind words giving me hope and energy.
  14. davi000

    Just took the NCLEX

    congratulations !! any ecg strip you got?
  15. davi000

    My Nclex Experience today!

    congratulations nalaa83 !! did you get any ECG strip? what kind of question was about ecg ?