How fast to retake NCLEX if you pass? Advice needed!

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    I know most people are horrified at the thought of it, but I'm thinking about taking NCLEX twice. I have a date for next Tuesday in the state I live in now (NC) but the first job I've landed is in a non-compact state (GA) and the test I'm about to sit for is essentially pointless. I had already paid the fees and all that in my own state before I got hired at this job, or I would have just taken it in GA. I'd assumed getting my licensure by endorsement wouldn't take that long, but I talked to the HR person at the place I was hired a couple of days ago and she said it could take 30-45 days for GA to process the paperwork!!! I am horrified.

    I'm sitting for the NCLEX on 6/4. The job starts 6/24. I don't HAVE 30-45 days to wait for my license to be switched over... so... I'm thinking about applying for licensure by examination in Georgia.

    The HR person said that the job is mine no matter what, if I have to start on a later orientation date because my paperwork does not go through until after 6/24 that it is not a problem, but it's a problem for ME. I don't know when the next orientation date is and my savings aren't that great... exactly what am I supposed to live on until the next orientation date if this one doesn't work out?

    I emailed Pearson Vue to ask if there are any special circumstances that would allow me to take the NCLEX a second time before the 45 day mark, but I haven't heard anything back from them. Has anyone tried something like this before? Did it work out? I am afraid to try to cancel and move my NC exam because if I do and I don't get an ATT in GA until a few weeks from now than I might not be able to sit the exam at all before my start date. Also, there is always a CHANCE (no matter how remote) that GA could possibly process my paperwork in less than 20 days. What would you all do? I tried to get a hold of my school advisor for assistance but I think she is gone for the summer, or at least is not checking her school email. I am really confused and stressed out by all of this, and it's definitely making it hard to study.
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    Never heard of any individual taking a second NCLEX exam if they PASSED. Not quite sure if an individual could or would want to take NCLEX twice UNLESS receiving a undesirable result. Undesirable results aren't the end of nursing its a wonderful second chance to get back up, move forward, study again, think positive, and PASS NCLEX. Passing IS always an option.

    Is it possible to change venue for an additional fee? If not, would opt for the endorsement. In my state, one can only take the exam (IF FAILED result) every 45 days up to three years. Best wishes on your exam and Nursing career.
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    I could actually change the venue for free, but if I want to change the venue to a different state, I have to get an ATT from that state's BON. NC has cleared me to take the test but GA has not, so if I want to take the test in GA I have to start all over again with background checks, graduation verification, etc. I doubt they'd process all that paperwork before I take my test on Tuesday, so I wouldn't know if I could move it in time to actually move it, if that makes sense. So I either move it to a later date in NC in hopes that I can actually take it in GA (and risk not being able to take the NCLEX in GA in time, and have NO passing NCLEX score before orientation) or I take it on the 4th in NC and risk the licensure by endorsement paperwork not going through in time because it sounds like I can't take it twice in 45 days.
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    Something doesn't sound right here. Ive never heard of someone having to take this dreaded test 2x sorry I don't have any good info for you.
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    If you have passed once then likelihood of taking it again will be extremely low. Option really is endorse or not take with one state, cancel application and restart over with new state but that will just take more time. Surely better to sit now and then endorse
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    I am also having my license endorsed after passing my nclex in my home state. I don't think you would save anytime by trying to take the nclex by examination in Georgia. Everything I've been told points to exam taking much longer than endorsement because they have to make you eligible by looking at all of your school records. By endorsing, you've already been made eligible, just have to pass the background check.

    Did you check and see if Ga has a temporary license that they'll give you until you are cleared for your permanent?
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    You can't resit the exam if you passed unless you passed it 4-5 years ago, didn't work as a nurse and didn't renew your license. As this is a national exam it would be redundant.
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    It sucks that I can't retake it. I'll have to ask about the temporary license; maybe it's possible. I hope so, it would be really great to be able to start on that orientation date.
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    Apply for a temp license when you apply for endorsement.
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    To endorse to Georgia, you have to have actual nursing hours in the equivalent of one year for the license you're planning to endorse...I think around 1500-1800 hours. I hope you're not hoping you will get an NC license and endorse, all by the 24th. Unless lightening has struck, the Georgia BON is pretty rigid. I think the only other option other than endorsing without those hours is a preceptorship (without pay). They will issue a temporary license once you pass your boards if you are not able to show adequate clinical hours. And that license is only for an unpaid preceptorship. I strongly recommend that you check with the Georgia Board of Nursing before you make any plans. It's great that you have a job already lined up but HR at the job giving the ok is not the same as the BON issuing you a license to practice. I would give the Ga BON a call first thing Monday morning!!! But definitely look on their website. There is a link for License by Endorsement. Good luck!!!

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