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UWorld to pass NCLEX....is anyone familiar with this as a study guide? (Feb 2016 - videos and links added by staff) UWorld NCLEX-RN Qbank Impressions https://youtu.be/lVYR_1InBxQ A Word... Read More

  1. by   kathrinegaylo
    Hi everyone, I am using this UWorld for 10 days straight with 75 questions per day and i only have a month left to take my NClex RN for the first time. I am averaging between 60-- to 65% . is it good or bad?!? i have to admit i still have a lot to learn and im kinda freakin out because one month more and i will be taking the biggest exam of my life! have not done the first assessment yet. Any tips on how to get ready and feel whenever im ready.. especially with this u world qbank. everyones talking about this and i found it really great! please help . thank you!
  2. by   Vaish
    Hello when is your exam ?
  3. by   msrxchef
    UWorld is amazing and definitely helped me pass the NCLEX, I highly recommend it. Not only does it look similar (style wise) but i think the amount of SATA questions helped prepare me. I found Uworld to be more difficult. I scored "very high" chance of passing on my first test about 1 month into studying and doing 30% of the bank. I scored "borderline" on my second test after 2 months of studying , 50% through the bank and panicked so I was doing questions like mad with 3 weeks to go. I finished the whole bank with overall 60% correct. I spent the last week going over all the wrong ?s and marked ones. In addition, I supplemented my studies with Saunders for content review and target areas for questions. I browsed through the HESI Elsiver book. I went on Youtube to review more detailed content/patho. I highly recommend: Registered Nurse RN, Osmosis, and Khan Academy...in that order . i didn't use anything else or fork over hundreds of dollars for no reason.
    Also a must! someone posted an NCLEX guide on here that I reviewed a few days before the test too. It's very helpful! I passed in 75 questions.
  4. by   Kwayan19
    I passed the exam at no. 75 and i took the exam in just 55 minutes.. It really does help..
  5. by   Vaish
    What other sources you used to study for exam ?
  6. by   Vaish
    You recently give the exam?
  7. by   Kwayan19
    Uworld and saunders book.. But i focused more on uworld... I took the exam last august 24 this year
  8. by   SCastro
    Where do you buy the uworld qbank?
  9. by   Sweet charm
    I recommend uworld as well. However I did get "very high chance of passing" before I even started to review for the nclex. I only did half of uworld( netflix kept calling) and I passed in 75.
  10. by   Kwayan19
    Me too... So much procrastinating
  11. by   GatoRNurse534
    I used Uworld for 30 days and I passed with 75 questions in two hours on Monday, September 18th. I also used the 35 page study guide that is floating around, and videos by registered nurse rn but Uworld was my primary source for studying for my NCLEX-RN.
  12. by   Vaish
    U world rationals help in the exam ? Did you see questions similar to U world in exam ?
  13. by   Zack1996
    really? wow that's super helpful. How do you think uworld compares to Kaplan and Saunders and also how many questions are provided?